100 days of Healthy eating | Healthy eating challenge!

Deepavali coming up, a few family gatherings, 2 birthdays and 1 wedding anniversary coming up, 14 friday nights and 14 weekends coming up, biryani posters speaking to your heart, offers on Uber eats, Indulgent mothers making gulab jamun and doting fathers buying Nool peni and laddoo, gundu friends egging you to just taste the fries and shake..
in the next 100 days, notwithstanding
Join me in this 100 day healthy eating challenge! Now that is a real Challenge!
100 days Healthy eating
I’ll post my healthy meal each day for the next 100 days. Hope it inspires you to eat healthy, lose weight and stay fit! Good luck!
Day 21 – Day 30 healthy meals
Day 31 – Day 40 healthy meals
Day 41 – Day 50 healthy meals
Day 51 – Day 60 healthy meals
Day 61 – Day 70 healthy meals
Day 71 – Day 80 healthy meals
Day 81 – Day 90 healthy meals
Day 91 – Day 100 healthy meals
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