5 Snacks to eat when trying to lose weight

The hardest times during weight-loss (Read all about my weightloss goals on this post on project 50k) are the in-between times, the periods between meals when I feel ravenous, when I have a good mind to order a biryani or call on my mom for a full meal. A couple of marie biscuits and a small glass of vanilla milk may well calm my tummy down. But when I am hungry I want maximum bang for the buck, I crave crispy onion pakoda and hot molaga bajji. The best way to combat these hunger pangs is to have some healthy snack options handy so you never let yourself get to that crazy-hungry stage. Eat the minute you feel hungry. Don’t wait. In this post, I list the snacks to eat when trying to lose weight.

I am listing some of the snacks that I have been relying on these past few months while trying to lose weight. Don’t worry. I am not about to suggest making any of these snacks yourself. I know it’s hard enough cooking three meals a day. All the snacks that I list below are store bought. Just stock up on your favourite snack options and make sure to carry a couple of them with you wherever you go.

Peanut chikkis

Peanut chikki bars

Our folks invented energy bars long ago. They were called peanut chikkis. Peanut chikkis have the goodness of peanuts and jaggery and are so delicious. Chikkis used to come as little round balls. Now they come as snazzy individually packed bars, easy to slip into your handbag or workout bag. There are several variants of these peanut chikki bars now – sesame bars, dry fruit bars and such. I prefer the original peanut chikki bars. They’ll make you thirsty. So have a bottle of water with you. One peanut chikki bar and a big glass of water and I am good to go for a couple of hours.

Calorie count: 120 calories per bar

Cream cracker/Marie biscuits

Cream cracker

I love cream crackers because they’re not too sweet or too salty like most other biscuits in the market. They’re ever so slightly tangy but mostly plain. You may not take to cream crackers the very first time you try them. If you don’t like them, try marie biscuits. They’re light and subtle sweet and are perfect as a snack anytime of the day. 2 crackers or marie biscuits and a glass of water will fill you up without impacting your calorie budget.

Calorie count: – 20-40 calories per cracker/biscuit

Mix of dry fruits and nuts (prune, date, apricot, almonds)

Dried fruits & nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are great snacking options because they’re convenient to throw in a little box and they fill you up like nothing else. But mind you, they’re calorie dense. One date, a prune and 5 almonds would make a nice filling snack and it would be around 80 calories.

Calorie count: – 23 calories per prune, 20 calories per date, 17 calories per apricot, 7 calories per almond



Bananas are my number 1 favourite fruit to stock up on because they’re so low maintenance. They come in individual portions, there’s no ardous peeling (sweet limes, oranges), no de-seeding (sweet limes, oranges) and chopping. Over-ripe bananas are great to blend into milkshakes or pancake batter. So zero waste. They’re packed with nutrients and are an instant energy booster. There are plenty of varieties in market – Karpuravalli, Poovan, Mala, Rasthali, Pachai and many more. You’re sure to find one that you like.

Calorie count – 90-120 calories per banana depending on the size of the banana

Raw Mango

Slice up a raw mango. Dredge lightly in salt and red chilli powder and bite in. Ooh! Our classic summer time snack is a great option to eat all year round. Bengalura mangoes are available year round these days. I like to pick up a couple of these raw Bengalura mangoes every time I am buying vegetables. I like to have raw mangoes to snack on or to chop and throw into salads.

Calorie count: 60 calories per 100 gm

I hope you find something you like among these snack options. Feel free to share the post to help your friends who are trying to lose weight. You can subscribe to the blog or like Foodbetterbegood’s facebook page to get all the updates. Coming soon to the blog are the best drinks/smoothies to be drinking when you’re trying to lose weight. Keep watching.

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