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Pineapple kesari

Pineapple Kesari

Happy new year! I hope you didn’t party too hard to not be alive. I’d hate to die like that. It’s such a silly way ...
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Leftover dal tikki

Day 61 – 70 of healthy eating Challenge!

Day 61 – Paavakkai crisps! Day 62 – Leftover dal tikki! Day 63 – Mexican style rice! Day 64 – Boiled eggs & lettuce Day ...
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Paavakkai crisps

Paavakkai crisps | Bittergourd chips

I am getting all tangled up trying to put down what exactly I want to do in the new year. My first line is about ...
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Ragi dosai

Ragi Dosai

Exams over, a wonderful next week that looks rosy and peaceful with no-homework evenings and with tickets to 3 of the 4 movies released this ...
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thavalai adai

Day 51 – 60 of the 100 days of healthy eating Challenge!

Day 51- Thavalai adai! Day 52 – Vegetable bath! Day 53 – Palak paneer! Day 54 – Freestyle mixture! Day 55 – Ragi Dosai! Day ...
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Red rice puttu

Red rice puttu|Sweet puttu

What you wear when you drop orpick up your kids from classes speaks of how much you care for public opinion and how unbelievably lazy ...
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Freestyle mixture

Freestyle mixture

As the year is drawing to a close, I felt an urgent need to list down all the things I should get done before then ...
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Pesarattu & Ginger chutney

Day 11 – Day 20 of the 100 days of healthy eating Challenge!

Day 11 – Thinai Kichadi! Day 12 – Roasted cauliflower paneer salad! Day 13 – Nandos style peri peri grilled chicken! Day 14 – Double ...
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Aloo gobi roti

Aloo Gobi roti

It’s December already and I am seeing lots of 2018 lists all around– the best celebrity weddings of 2018, the worst fashion trends, best movies ...
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Veg godhumai sevai

Veg wheat sevai

Here is a movie script synopsis. The Dosai maavu companies, ‘ready-to-eat’ and breakfast mix companies are unable to get a stronghold into the South-Indian household ...
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