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Barley porridge

Barley porridge | Naturally sweetened, made in a pressure cooker

There was a time when I didn’t consider porridge normal food. It was too boring, too good. It must be for sick days. That was ...
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Sprouts stuffed paratha

Day 1 – Day 10 of 100 day Healthy eating

Day 1 – Ragi Vermicelli Upma, Keerai Masiyal and Apple. Light, yet satisfying enough for lunch or breakfast! Day 2 – Naturally sweetened barley porridge, ...
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100 days Healthy eating

100 days of Healthy eating | Healthy eating challenge!

Deepavali coming up, a few family gatherings, 2 birthdays and 1 wedding anniversary coming up, 14 friday nights and 14 weekends coming up, biryani posters ...
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Curd rice

The trick to making the creamiest, just tangy enough Curd rice

Now as soon as I say that the recipe I am going to share today is Curd rice, I can imagine Maamiyaars and Gayathris in ...
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Gardens by the bay, Singapore

Travel post | Things to do in Singapore

Singapore used to be the first foreign trip that most Indians made in those days once they got their passports. Travelling on software work to ...
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Methi biryani

Methi Biryani

Every restaurant, juice shop, or roadside frankie stall I go to, there’s already a couple of Swiggy and Zomato guys ahead of me. I see ...
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Teriyaki Noodles

Teriyaki Noodles

Before whatsapp groups happened, how did women show off their Krishna Jayanthi decorations to relatives and friends? Did they just do something simple that appealed ...
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Ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches | Fun dessert to make with kids

Not all recipes are born from inspiration. Not all of them are from grandma’s handbook. None in my family had the forethought to document any ...
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Milagai bajji

Milagai Bajji, 3 ways

You know that spring of joy when you look out the window and see rain? It’s hard to make sense of it. It’s almost visceral ...
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Prawn masala

Prawn Masala

Did you ever think what someone would make of your youtube viewing history and browsing history if they ever got hold of that information? I ...
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