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Welcome to Foodbetterbegood!

I am Jayanthi. I love to cook. I am the one who lingers on at a function to have a word with the caterer to ask him for the vathal kuzhambu recipe. I amass recipes and I covet my knives.

I love a good story. I believe everyone does.

If you love stories, if you love good food, you are at the right place.

You’ll see snatches of my writing, my DIY attempts and antique love in this space. You’ll see good food and simple recipes and plenty of stories. Foodbetterbegood is my diary.

Reading all day in bed, trying DIY projects, buying vintage stools and typewriters, writing early morning by the window and watching a tamil cinema every night are not, what I do normally. I have kids – Hasini and Yuvan. I am married to Jagan and I work fulltime.

I am Tamil. I live in Chennai.

Forever on a weight-loss journey, I have two distinct sections in my almirah – the small ‘Fits now’ section that contains clothes I wear and the big ‘Will fit when I lose weight’ section that contains clothes I’ll wear when I lose weight. I am an idealist.

I may (mostly will) miss my exercise but not a Balachander movie.

I like coffee in desserts and coconut milk in everything. I make lists and lists of lists. 

Sharing the kitchen is my worst nightmare. So God put me in a joint-family.

When cooking for family (especially my joint-family – don’t get me started on this one), there is always at-least one person who doesn’t like the dish, one who doesn’t like it the way I’ve done it and another who’s just not in the mood for eating (usually my son). So the food better be good!

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