Day 1 – Day 10 of 100 day Healthy eating


Ragi Vermicelli Upma

Day 1 – Ragi Vermicelli Upma, Keerai Masiyal and Apple. Light, yet satisfying enough for lunch or breakfast!

Day 3 – Idli & kara chutney with Musk melon juice. Traditional south Indian breakfast.












Beach style masala kadalai - Boiled peanut salad

Day 5 – Super tasty and flavour packed beach style masala kadalai is so healthy and unbelievably easy! 

Red cabbage & chickpea salad

Day 6 – Red Cabbage and Chickpea salad is crunchy, delicious and low calorie. Eat to your heart’s content. 

Broken wheat Upma, Almonds and Oranges

Day 7 – Super quick broken wheat Upma, Almonds and Oranges.                                      

Sprouts stuffed paratha

Day 8 – Sprouts Stuffed Paratha! Incredibly yummy way to get your dose of sprouts.                                                              


Asian stir fry paneer and veggies

Day 9 – Asian style stir fry of paneer and veggies! Light, fresh and scrummy!                     

Sathu Maavu Adai

Day 10 – Sathu Maavu Adai are wholesome and earthy. Best eaten hot off the stove.

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