Day 11 – Day 20 of the 100 days of healthy eating Challenge!

Thinai kichadi

Day 11 – Thinai Kichadi that is soft & flavourful with a hint of nuttiness 

Roasted cauliflower paneer and chickpeas salad

Day 12 – Roasted cauliflower paneer salad, hearty and totally yum  

Nandos style Peri peri grilled chicken

Day 13 – Nandos style peri peri grilled chicken is every chicken lover’s favourite      

Double beans curry, quinoa & roasted veggies

Day 14 – Double beans curry, quinoa & veggies. Complete, perfect meal 

Nasi Goreng with brown rice

Day 15 – Nasi Goreng with brown rice, loads of veggies & sprouts. Yum flavour!   

Sprouts dosai, crispy, delicious dosai that is healthy too

Day 16 – Sprouts Dosai is crispy and packed with the goodness of sprouts.  

Masala sundal

Day 17 – Masala Sundal is packed with the goodness of dried peas and yummy masala.



Keerai Masiyal - Greens and lentil soup

Day 19 – Keerai Masiyal is the single most useful recipe to have handy.                                     

Pesarattu & Ginger chutney

Day 20 – Pesarattu & Ginger chutney is a delicious & nutritious tiffen.

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