Lockdown diaries – Finding happiness

I thought hard and came up with a list of things that bring me happiness these days. Actually an Eminem style uncensored in-your-face frustration-busting rap feels more natural at this time. Since we need to do the right thing even if it’s harder and also since I cannot rap (not even ‘gully boy’ level, whatever it was) I’ll do what I do best. I’ll write a post. I am trying to keep the faith just like all of you. I believe everything will get better. Hope this helps you reflect on the little joys in your life.


  • One of the most pleasurable things in my daily life these days is being able to eat a hot lunch just off the stove, topped with a big spoon of ghee and have it melt into the dal and rice, the aroma wafting up and me trying to mix it into the rice but burning my finger, blowing on my fingers and tip-tapping with my fingers to still mix it up while its hot.

Dal, rice and mutton curry


  • The neighbourhood provision store that stocks an unending supply of potato chips just because I love potato chips I’d like imagine, which I’ve refilled week over week not letting it ever run out.


  • A new supermarket opened almost next door at this time and they have everything, I mean everything – kara bhoondi, mixture, murukku..


  • Yuvi hops on and off my legs to give me a leg massage for 5 minutes if I plead with him for 15 minutes.


  • Hasini practices hair styles on my hair while I work in my little corner. It’s extremely soothing to have someone brush your hair and work on it. I should just remember to not look at the hair brush later as it gives me a heart-attack to see all the hair in it.

  • Jagan is a good conversationalist, it appears. He cracks painfully poor PJs (mokka jokes), some of which really crack me up. I discovered this during the lockdown. I am not ruling out that this could be a case of Stockholm syndrome. Necessity is the mother of all invention. Lockdown is the motherf**ker (oh sorry, forgot that this is not a rap song) of all of mankind’s joys – going out, playing a game, being friends, trusting each other, eating pizza. Like in Mouna Ragam, Jagan has grown on me. We’ve fought and argued to our heart’s content during the beginning of the lockdown. We now use whatsapp memes and facebook characters as conversation starters and we debate about the most inane stuff. We still cannot agree on anything. He cannot be cross with me for missing his call anymore. I am there in the room right across the hall.  


  • No thank you note is ever complete without mention of my maid. You know how in early love, you’re pissed and angry with everyone because you didn’t talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend that day. It’s the exact same with me and my maid. The day she’s on leave, I am my worst self – angry and bitter and in a foul mood. Now before any of you reports me to the corporation, please know that this is all based on mutual consent.


  • I am grateful to the teachers who occupy 3-4 hours of Hasini and Yuvi’s mornings every day and trying to bring education to these wild imps – the mowglis and wild girls (of course there are no wild girl characters in our stories).


  • ‘Ennai vaazhavaikkum Deivangal aana’ Netflix and Amazon – I cannot tell you how much you mean to me. You sustain me at this difficult time when theatres are closed. Watching stories, being transported to distant lands, feeling for someone, crying, laughing are as fundamental to humans as anything else. One of the few things that we can still do, that puts the ‘social’ back in us.


  • For a brief period when Chennai was in unlock 1 and lockdown 5 and we were in a state of vague euphoria at the possibility of taking a walk without being fined, I ordered a hula hoop. I’ve been wanting to twirl a hula hoop since 4th grade in school during games period when some of my classmates expertly managed to twirl for several minutes. I was too shy to try lest I make a fool of myself. I am super excited to say that I learnt to twirl the hula hoop in a day and it is immense fun. I have grand plans. This is a separate post unto itself.


At a time when there’s bad, dreadful things happening all around us, it’s an achievement to simply survive. Even better if you can do so with a smile and bring cheer to people around you. I would love to hear the little joys in your everyday life. Please feel free to share in the comments. Stay hopeful. Love to all!

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