Maayandi Kudumbathinar Menu | South-Indian Non-vegetarian dishes

I’ve compiled our family favourite non-vegetarian dishes under this Maayandi Kudumbathinar Menu. This menu could be called “En Rasavin Manasile Menu” too. You get the idea right. This menu is not just for Maayaandi’s kudumbam or Raj Kiran. It is for anybody who loves traditional south-Indian non-veg fare – think Thalapakatti, Anjappar, Velu Military. This is home cooked non-veg food at its best and this is nowhere a comprehensive list but it is a great starting point for those who’d like to cook traditional non-veg dishes at home. This is just a very small list of our oft-repeated Sunday dishes. I hope to add much more to this list. So keep watching this space.

chettinad biryani
This Chettinad Chicken biryani on my blog is the most popular post on my blog. Very close to the restaurant style biryani, this is a real keeper.  Plus it is easy, quick and always turns out well.

chettinad pepper chicken,chettinad pepper chicken masala
The Chettinad pepper chickenmasala is a blockbuster hit at home – spicy, succulent and lip-smacking. It is so popular, I make this very often at home – as often as they telecast Mummy returns/Prince of Persia/Karate Kid on Star Movies. 

meen kuzhambu

This is a bona-fide Tamizh style Meen Kuzhambu in a Mann Chatti – a delectable mix of spicy and tangy with lovely soft flaky fish fillets. Not a 5-star hotel type westernized, stylized, watered down stew.
sura varuval,shark fry

These pan-fried shark fillets / Varutha Sura are not so common but are even tastier the popular Sura Puttu. You can also read all about Chennai’s fish markets.
varutha muttai,spiced fried eggs

No non-veg meal is complete without the egg. These super-quick fried hard boiled eggs/Varutha Muttai are a tasty addition to any meal.

mutton kola urundai, spiced fried mutton balls
Reminiscent of the Velu military hotel urundais, these crisp, fried mutton balls / Mutton Kola urundais are flavour packed and absolutely delicious. Would make great party snacks too.

chicken curry
An extremely versatile chicken curry that can be served along with rice, poori or roti, this is a smooth, spicy onion-tomato based chicken curry.
chicken soup for kids,indian style chicken soup
This one is for the little Maayandis at home. Mild and delicately flavoured this south-Indian style chicken soup is great for kids and toddlers and an excellent way to introduce chicken to your kids.
mutton kuzhambu
A thick, full bodied muttonkuzhambu that makes a great pair with Kal Dosai, it is easier than you think.

poached egg korma,poached egg kurma

A firm family favourite and a Sunday morning ritual, this Muttai Kurma/poached egg kurma is perfect with dosai or idli.  

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  1. Priya Pugazhendhi says:

    wow you have a lot of wonderful and some easy non veg recipes. I loved the explanation you gave for the chicken soup "This one is for the little Maayandis at home." After reading that I could not control my laugh 🙂 🙂

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