Mango Pachadi | Sweet Mangai Pachadi

My knees are feeling wobbly and my elbows are fatigued after just day 2 of the 30 day “AB workout challenge”, which half of all “facebookers” seem to be taking on. My friend Priya and I decided to take it too. We’re always game for short-cut ways to get fit and 30 days seemed to be just right for us. True to style, I missed doing the day 1 exercise and so did Priya. I am in good company. We figured that we could handle day-2 straight on, exercise veterans that were, so we jumped to day 2. I finally huffed and puffed through my crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and planks just before crashing into bed yesterday. I cursed myself for all the Kasi Halwa, pathir peni and mangai pachadi that I’ve been eating while doing the leg raises and planks. I was paying for all that sugar. Sugar is my failing. I cannot live without it. So I live with love handles, love tyres and love seats.

mangai pachadi,mango pachadi

Its hereditary, this sugar craze. Diabetes runs through the family too. But you’ll always find a couple of Cadbury bars and a few mini single-serve badam halwa cups in the fridge, a box of gulab jamuns in the cupboard and assorted sweets from weddings or my cooking experiments on the dining table. Add to that this sweet mangai pachadi.
I love mangai pachadi. My mother’s version is full blown sweet. My maamiyaar’s version I am posting today is a hot and sweet version and I have to tell you it is simply exquisite. The pachadi is a delightful burst of hot, sweet and sour tones. It is splendid with curd rice but goes equally well alongside sambar rice or rasam rice. Summer is not complete without mangai pachadi. 

Make this mangai pachadi today while mangoes are still around. Don’t worry, we can take the “PEEPA workout challenge” next month. I’ll give you company.
Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time:20 mins
Serves: 4
Raw Mango – 1 washed and cut into 2 inch pieces (unpeeled)
Onion – 1 medium chopped fine
Tomato – 1 medium chopped fine
Red chilli powder – 1-1/2 tbsp
Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Jaggery – ¼ cup + 2 tbsp grated (adjust as per taste)
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Oil – 2 tbsp
1.     Rinse mango well and cut into 2 inch pieces. Leave them unpeeled. Discard the seed. Set aside.
2.      In a wok, heat oil and when hot add the mustard seeds. When they splutter, add the chopped onions and sauté till they turn translucent. Add the tomatoes and fry till they turn soft.
3.      Add the red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt and mix well.
4.      Add the cut mango pieces and grated jaggery. Pour in about ¾ th cup of water and cook for about 10-12 minutes or till the pachadi thickens and the flavours come together. Taste and adjust seasoning. Remove from heat. Serve as a side with rice.
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