Jayalalitha, a hero

I was with my grinder, gazing at the rice being ground inside, adding water in little streams now and then, staring out the window while ...
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almond kheer

Kitchen Bloopers

When Vijay TV has no movie or show for the weekend what do they do? They would play re-runs of their award shows or bloopers ...
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Summer plans

The heat is on in Chennai. I am feeling thirsty all day, every day. I am craving tall glasses of chilled fruit juices but I ...
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Chennai – Namme ooru pole varuma!

The frogs are getting too loud. I eye the long handled mop I’ve kept near the door to make sure I know exactly where it ...
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My non-encounter with Kamal Hassan

I did not realize until a few weeks back what a complete cinema crazy fan I am. I realized that I go near hysterical on ...
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Tribute to K.Balachander

Yuvi and I were watching “Kalaivaniye” from “Sindhu Bhairavi” on youtube yesterday. I then alt-tabbed to my Facebook page and scrolled down through profile picture ...
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A couple of cakes and some party inspiration

I am renaming the “Craft” column in my blog to “Party inspiration” Because I’ve been most un-crafty Because the craftiest I’ve done recently is.. hmm ...
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In cake Decorating Mood

I am in cake decorating mood. My fingers are itching for the piping bag. I am making ‘rosette’ motions with my hands while talking, practising ...
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Want to be a food blogger?

Want to be a food blogger? But why? Food bloggers are an obsessive crazy madpack who cannot finish their sandwich without thinking if they should ...
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The English speaking Tamils

I was at the parlour yesterday to get my son’s haircut and there was another mom-son duo already waiting, the mom fiddling with her S3 ...
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