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Chappathi, gobi mince & sprouts stirfry

Day 31 – 40 of the 100 days of healthy eating Challenge!

Day 31 – Chappathi, gobi mince & sprouts stirfry! Day 31 – Rice, Grilled chicken & greens! Day 33 – Peas poha Upma! Day 34 ...
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Avocado banana smoothie

7 Healthy Smoothies & Juices

I am a big fan of easy, lazy just blitz in the blender smoothies. The fruits I pick for my smoothies are easy to process ...
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Corn and Spinach sandwich

Creamy Corn & Spinach Sandwich

You know how our minds are tuned to think of certain things certain ways but there is usually a simple, kinder explanation. If the woman ...
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An easy. delicious & filling leek soup

Day 21 – Day 30 of the 100 days of healthy eating Challenge!

Day 21 – Leek Soup & Grilled Chicken! Day 22 – Creamy corn & spinach sandwich! Day 23 – Chapathi, dal, grilled chicken & veggies! ...
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Nasi Goreng with brown rice

Nasi Goreng with brown rice

I hope your Deepavali preparations are going great. Whether it is making 3 types of sweets and 4 types of murukkus, whether it is buying ...
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Thinai kichadi

Aloo Gobi roti

It’s December already and I am seeing lots of 2018 lists all around– the best celebrity weddings of 2018, the worst fashion trends, best movies ...
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Cucumber egg sandwich

Cucumber egg hung yogurt Sandwich

Waking up 40 minutes before the school van arrival is the status quo at home. I wake up with a start, shriek in panic which ...
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Barley porridge

Barley porridge | Naturally sweetened, made in a pressure cooker

There was a time when I didn’t consider porridge normal food. It was too boring, too good. It must be for sick days. That was ...
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Sprouts stuffed paratha

Day 1 – Day 10 of 100 day Healthy eating

Day 1 – Ragi Vermicelli Upma, Keerai Masiyal and Apple. Light, yet satisfying enough for lunch or breakfast! Day 2 – Naturally sweetened barley porridge, ...
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100 days Healthy eating

100 days of Healthy eating | Healthy eating challenge!

Deepavali coming up, a few family gatherings, 2 birthdays and 1 wedding anniversary coming up, 14 friday nights and 14 weekends coming up, biryani posters ...
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