Project 50K – My weight-loss project

I have been on a weight-loss journey for as long as I remember. To borrow Jagan’s term I am “born-gundu”. Like most fellow gundus, I love food and I hate exercising. I don’t know what people mean when they say they had a great workout.

Project 50k - my weightloss project


I blame the world. Why do we have coffee shops, ice cream parlours and bajji kadais all over the city but no sundal kadais or treadmill cafes or push-up clubs or table tennis bars? Imagine how different socializing would be with such options. Instead of meeting your friends for coffee you’d have a push-up meeting. You could take your girlfriend out for sundal instead of ice-cream sundae.

Not that I am a socializing junkie.

Waking up to run, pant and wheeze just doesn’t tickle me. However there’s nothing to fire you up like a sudden rude photograph of you barely fitting the frame or shopping for a dress. They don’t seem to make dresses for your shape anymore.

Both of these happened to me a little while back and I realized I had to take action. This time I am making a commitment to myself to not stop until I reach my goal weight. I’ve made too many half-hearted attempts in the past. I know I am not going to lose weight with just taking the stairs and drinking green tea.

I am going to exercise for real and stick to a reasonable diet. I am 68 kilos. I need to be 50k.

I aim to lose 18 kilos in 6 months.

I want to be able to do 15 good-form push ups.

I want to fit into the jeans from my college days.

There. I am putting it out here. I have no going back. This is my PROJECT 50K. #project50k

I know the world is full of aspiring weight losers guiltily eating ice-cream resolving in their mind to exercise it off, turning sideways for selfies and putting off shopping. I am with you sista, bro. I want this project to encourage you to start, sustain your own journey.

Sticking to a diet has always been very difficult for me because I am bored easily and I cannot, will not eat foods just because they’re healthy or good for me. They have to taste good. It’s even harder when you are cooking for your family and you don’t want to cook different meals for yourself and your family. I don’t think dieting should be so frustrating or so hard. I envision meals where you can cook just one set of dishes for the entire family and pick out items that fit your diet. For these reasons, I plan to document all the diet meals that I am eating. I don’t follow any diet specifically because I find it too stifling to never eat rice or egg yolks. I am against anything that tells me to eat egg whites only.

I intend to make light, low-carb meals in general. Most of them will be simple, easy and quick. I’ll share all of those recipes with you and my weight-loss story along the way. I’ll let you know what worked and what didn’t. I hope this project helps you guys on your own journeys. Most importantly, I hope it encourages you to eat well and enjoy your food.

If you have a question, a tip or your own story, please do share with all of us.

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  1. Ramaa Ramani says:

    I sooooooo can relate myself to this situation. Iam not obese but a little heavy for my height and age. When you are round in mid section, guess it hits you hard, the tyre makes you feel like a looser. A few extra kilos I feel are fine so long as we aren’t wobbling while moving, high time something be done about it. So yes, I wish to join in as well.

    • foodbetterbegood says:

      Absolutely true Ramaa. It is really time we take care of our health. And this weight-loss is in the right directions. Thanks for joining me. Let’s make this happen!

  2. Manisha says:

    Jayanthi, I’m also in the same boat…dieting for the last almost 14 years, after I had my first child. Since then while dieting, exercising, swimming etc., don’t know how I’ve managed to amass around those many kilos. Need to shed at least 15 kgs. I watch out what I eat and eat clean most of the time, but I’m a foodie! Love to cook and eat. Will try to be with you on your journey…all the best!

    • foodbetterbegood says:

      I know exactly what you mean Manisha. I eat clean too most of the time. I think I know now what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ll be sharing more details about my workouts and what is working and what is not in my upcoming posts. Stay connected. Let’s do this Manisha!

  3. Aarthi says:

    Gosh !! What ultimate timing you have for this post . You resonated my thoughts exactly . My friend and I are determined to lose weight this summmer and we made a pact to eat healthy and workout regularly just yesterday :-p
    So I’m in !! I’m in all the way ??????
    The only tip I have is , amidst all this excersie ,eating low carb Mumbo jumbo is a sticking to a 12hour fast . I do believe this is crucial . Not eating anything between 6pm to 6am . Not even a fruit ! No milk ! None of the things our parents will call as harmless 🙂
    They will lure you into ” night verum vayathula padukkatha” .
    No !! don’t fall for it , milk and fruits have natural sugar so it’s again a strict no no after 6pm .
    I’m going to follow this rule strictly , will let you know how it goes ??
    Can’t wait to follow your blog for low cal/low carb ideas
    Here’s to our skinny jeans !!?
    Actually more than the skinny jeans I want my clavicles to show ? That will be ultimate nirvana for me .
    I won’t ask for thigh gap , I know that’s reserved only in my next janmam for me ??

    • foodbetterbegood says:

      Telepathy may be true after all 🙂 That is great Aarthi! Let’s do this together. Those are great tips. I was contemplating trying out the 5:2 (5 days normal diet + 2 days fasting) idea too. Will try your 12-hour fast idea one of the weeks. Love your target! Here’s to our skinny jeans!

  4. keerthika says:

    I’m in…eagerly wanted to say goodbye to my extra weight of 18kgs…and not so interested in walking and also can’t so no to rice anytime

    • foodbetterbegood says:

      Welcome Keerthika to the project! Stay tuned. I’ll share more details in the upcoming months. Let’s make this happen.

  5. Hanisha Arora says:

    Ahhhh what a correct timing to get thru your post….. My weight has become the most important and stressful thing for me…. Its the thing that keeps rollin day and night at the back of my mind.. Having delivered 18 months back changed my lifestyle from active to a little lesser side…. But the taste buds never went on a lesser side… Unknowingly didn’t know when the mark crossed to obsessed… The main concern comes when your size is either the max or it doesnt exist….. Still try working out and tried to manage a healthy diet for around 2 months and lost around 4 kgs…. Hopefully your posts keep me motivated

    • foodbetterbegood says:

      So true Hanisha! It is literally a weight on the mind. Losing 4kgs is a significant achievement. One of the main objective of my project is to not lose track midway, to not stop until we reach the target weight. Stay connected.

  6. Pavithra P says:

    Hi Jayanthi. I am actually of the same weight and trying to get rid of my post partum weight. I dont like exercising much. So started a diet plan just 2 days back. Hope to get there. I think this group would help achieve our targets.

    • foodbetterbegood says:

      Yes Pavithra, that’s the idea. This project I am hoping will help all of us exchange tips and ideas and stay motivated

  7. Sangeetha says:

    Good post. I am relating myself to this post so much except for the line “born gundu”. I was born “olli pichan” and stayed so until I was 19 and slowly started putting on weight. Initially I was happy because I was no more kuchi figure and started to see curves in the body. But sudden weight gain was a concern and was missing my periods. Was diagnosed for Hypothyroidism..?? .. Long story short … Now I am struggling to lose weight even now.. I have tried many detox and fad diets and walking.. But always gave up after few weeks. I will follow you and we can exchange out activity and results once or twice in a week, if you are open to it. All I need is a buddy in weight loss journey with motivation.

    • foodbetterbegood says:

      Hi Sangeetha, Thanks for sharing your story. I plan to post updates a couple of times a week at the minimum. It’ll be great to hear your story. I am all for the exchange. I think project will benefit every one of us.

  8. Tessy says:

    I too want to join. DesperateLy need a friend who can share the same feelings. Am 20 kgs overweight. Please guide – what’s next? Couldn’t continue any diets more than a week. Exercising is like a no- no. Whereas my husband is very health conscious. Now it feels very awkward to go outside with him as I look much look older than him with all the fat.

  9. Priya says:

    I think group dynamics and peer support is an essential.component in the weight loss journey along with a. Sustainable plan. Am.keen part of this too

  10. Harsha says:

    I, like hundreds others, am si glad to come across this post & moreover just at the bang right time…. A mother of two, with my 2nd child delivered just 8 months back, i too am on a mission to lose 16kgs in 6 months… Though I have achieved this target after my 1st delivery, this time it’s different.. Finding time for yourself, after being tied up in domestic duties, juggling between 2 kids, and most importantly when giving time to kids becomes ur prima facia!! But now, with Project 50k i feel so much determined… Looking forward to your updates… Good luck All ya way

  11. Asha says:

    Perfect..was looking for some buddies to motivate me and keep me in check ..would love to join in your journey..
    I lost a lot of weight after my second child in 2007..that was with diet and consistent walking for 1hour everyday for a year and was able to keep it off till my 3rd one..somehow after my 3baby in 2013 I have not been able to stick to diet or exercise..just feeling lazy and lacking in motivation..I hope with buddies in the same boat will boost morale and help in achieving our goals!!!

  12. KayGee says:

    Hi, I also am in the very same boat. Wants to shed min 10 kgs in next 6 months. where is the plan? and how? Maybe I will do exactly as per plan each day! Pls share more details.

  13. Bharti says:

    I’m in. It’s literally my weight which is giving me stress and I am struggling to lose weight. I have done heavy cardio work out and even weight training but without diet control not possible to reduce at all. Even if you you walk as many km but diet is most imp part. And what a timing I came across your post I am determined to loose weight before winters as there is marriage in the family. Together we can.

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