Vegetable Momo – Meghalaya

We first had momos on our honeymoon in Darjeeling. Those were the best momos to date. They were piping hot served alongside a spicy red ...
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Bhutte ke Khees | Spiced Sweet corn – Madhya Pradesh street food

First up, a few updates on what’s happening in life.. It was my dad’s birthday last Sunday and I made a Madeira cake for him ...
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Rice pakoras | Chhattisgarh snack

One of the recently formed states, recent meaning after I was born, Chhattisgarh spelled with the double h (somebody please explain how the extra h ...
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Fish Fingers

These fish fingers were the biggest hit at Hasini’s birthday party couple of weeks back. Fish fingers are a great make-ahead party appetizer and they ...
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Crispiest Crunchiest Masala Vadai

I tasted these masala vadais for the first time at Kanniamman Kovil, Manapakkam where we’d gone for my daughter’s first “mottai”. The Mottai is a ...
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Rajma Kebab

I bookmarked these Rajma kebabs from Srivalli’s blog last month. I tried them today, yeah just this morning and I am posting it hot off ...
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Masala Vadai

This month being Purataasi, it’s been raining vadai, pongal and payasam every Saturday. Masala vadai is an all-time favourite and a classic Tamil dish (I ...
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Brinjal Pakoda | Eggplant Fritters

I am currently in a phase of eggplant madness. I want eggplants on everything. I am dressing them in myriad ways and I am liking ...
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Vegetable spring rolls

Vegetable spring rolls are my favourite order at Chinese restaurants. Now they’re Hasini’s favourite as well. The other day I asked Hasini what she wanted ...
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Kadalai Adai – Chickpea Pancakes | Somberi series

I am back with another somberi recipe – an easy 10 minute recipe that is as tasty as it is quick. These are like bajjis ...
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