Happy Birthday Jagan! Here’s the chocolate cake you missed

Red beet Chocolate cake with a silky chocolate frosting In Facebook fashion, I am wishing Jagan (my husband) a very, very happy birthday on my ...
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Whole Wheat Banana Bread

There is almost never a dearth of blackening bananas on our dining table. Just like there’s never good news when it’s appraisal time. Ok that’s ...
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Mocha Brownie

En ponnu pass aayitaa! En ponnu pass aayitaa! Hasini’s exam results came out yesterday and she has been promoted to UKG. Cookie boxes have worked ...
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Coffee flavoured cake with coffee frosting

This cake is all about coffee. The coffee flavour in this cake will sweep you off your feet and kickass at the same time. It ...
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Dutch Apple Pie | Eggless Apple Pie

This long pending Dutch Apple pie is January month’s baking partner challenge which I actually did make in January but could not post until now ...
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Strawberry Cake with Vanilla frosting

Last week was mad. I was buried in work at work and it was my sister’s birthday on Jan 8th, Wednesday bang in the middle ...
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Yule Log Cake |Bûche de Noël | Chocolate log cake

This yule log was December month’s baking partner challenge but I never got around to doing it then. So true to my style, here’s the ...
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Beach Cake

Hasini’s 4th birthday last month was a beach themed party and I chose to make a beach cake. I’ll tell you exactly how it came ...
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Mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting – Eggless

For Hasini’s 4thbirthday last week, I made these cute mini chocolate cupcakes with THE most amazing chocolate frosting, to take to school. Her class has ...
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Eggless Carrot Cake | Vegan Carrot Cake

I am as tightly wound up as the spiral wire on those old black telephones (remember those phones where we had to stick our finger ...
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