Chutnies & Dips

Chaat Chutnies – Sweet Sour Tamarind Date chutney and Green chutney

I did not quite expect the sort of controversy that my english speaking tamils post has stirred. I did expect the obvious question from the ...
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Sorakkai Chutney/Bottlegourd chutney

There was a big lone Sorakkai crammed into our already bursting fridge and it was sitting there in that jam-packed vegetable basket for 4 days ...
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Coconut chutney – Made with roasted red chillies

After 3 days of the Blogging Marathon (my first) I am taking it easy today with an easy chutney recipe today. As if I’d blogged ...
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Peanut/Groundnut chutney – Versatile chutney

I am going to rave about peanut chutney the way people rave about peanut butter. Really, peanut chutney is such a brilliant, peanuttty chutney, it ...
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Ven Pongal with Coriander chutney

Ven Pongal is so easy that nobody can really screw it up too much. But I have managed to do that too, multiple times. The ...
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