Cheese crackers

Cheese Crackers

The elastic on the socks is long gone. The socks no longer hug the little calves. They are loose and dangly. The canvas shoes are ...
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Cashew Cookies

We have a guest over one evening. I offer to make dosai for tiffen. She says “No no no, don’t bother”. I go on into ...
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Easiest Parmesan Biscuits

5 signs I am getting older, acting older I gravitate to the easiest recipes (like these amazing Parmesan biscuits), the quickest recipes, the one pot ...
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Cookie box – Choco-chip cookies & Eggless Shortbread cookies | Thank you gift for teachers

Yesterday was Hasini’s last day at school. No, she is not off to college. She has finished L.K.G and would be starting U.K.G in June ...
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Savoury Crackers/Thins – Salty, Masala crisps/biscuits (eggless)

These salty, savoury thins are crisp, flaky and delicately spiced with lovely fresh ginger and coriander. These thins are super easy to make and they ...
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Chocolate Chip Cookies – Easy and Yummy!

These home-made chocolate chip cookies are classic – crumbly, tender and loaded with chocolate chips. These are just so much better than the packaged cookies ...
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