Dals, Kormas & Gravies

Capsicum Aloo Mutter | Capsicum, Peas and potato curry

Is it still new year on 9th Jan, oops 10thJan? Is it too late to clean the house and have it painted before Pongal next ...
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Coconut and poppy seed chicken curry

I turn down the fan speed to the lowest possible. I’ve not switched on the AC in weeks. Hindu’s pages are filled with kutchery schedules ...
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Paneer Pasanda with Ghee Pulav

Today while we were walking to Hasini’s class in the morning because we were uncharacteristically and shockingly early and the gates were still open, Hasini’s ...
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Leftover Dal Tikki

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi everyone! Strangely I have the TV and remote all to myself and I am flitting from one cinema climax to the next ...
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Indian Statewise food – A Roundup of the past month

Here’s a short recap of the last one month’s statewise blogging marathon conveniently compiled in a single page. I’ve put together all the regional foods ...
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Chicken Tikka Masala – Punjab special

I love the Punjabi food ideology – whole milk, full fat, heavy cream. These guys really know how to eat. Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, chicken ...
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Fish Assad | Pondicherry style fish curry

Pondicherry means a lot of different things to people – beautiful French style street houses and cobbled stone roads just off the beach (that feature ...
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Oriya Dalma

I’ll never be making paruppu (Dal) the same way anymore. In doing this state-wise blogging marathon, I’ve realized that paruppu (dal) features in almost every ...
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Sana Thongba – Manipuri Paneer curry

Was I glad I could find a non-pork, non-momo dish to make from this north-eastern state. I found a simple rustic Panner curry that’s made ...
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Kerala style Vegetable Stew

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the 1st day of the Tamizh calendar – Chithirai 1. I hope all of you have a fruitful, healthy and ...
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