Dals, Kormas & Gravies

Aloo Paratha with Cauliflower and Meal-maker (Soya chunk) curry

I am not a huge fan of meal maker (soya chunks) but that may be because I’ve rarely ever tried it earlier. My family is ...
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Vegetable Kurma/Korma

I found this delicious Korma recipe on RaksKitchen. It is a winner all the way, aromatic, flavour bursting and absolutely lip-smacking. Rakskitchen is a great ...
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Paneer Peas masala – Spicy side dish with Pooris or Rotis

Whenever we go to restaurants, there are certain dishes that we order almost involuntarily. Top one has to be biryani (my husband’s all-time favourite), second ...
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Poached Egg Korma

Poached Egg Korma Poached Egg Korma Every family has its Sunday morning ritual. At my mom’s place, it was more of a Sunday afternoon ritual ...
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