Pineapple kesari

Pineapple Kesari

Happy new year! I hope you didn’t party too hard to not be alive. I’d hate to die like that. It’s such a silly way ...
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Ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches | Fun dessert to make with kids

Not all recipes are born from inspiration. Not all of them are from grandma’s handbook. None in my family had the forethought to document any ...
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Delicious FROYO - 3 gorgeous flavours

The Genius Dessert for weight watchers – Froyo, 3 ways

The dessert world is not a secular place, you know. I didn’t think of it that way until I started on project 50k (my weightloss ...
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almond kheer

Kitchen Bloopers

When Vijay TV has no movie or show for the weekend what do they do? They would play re-runs of their award shows or bloopers ...
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Banana foster cake

Banana Foster Cake

Every year my sister and I buy shirts for our father’s birthday. Every year he asks us “Why do you waste money on this?” It ...
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Chocolate truffle cake

Chocolate truffle cake

The inspiration behind this beautiful cake is Jagan. The reason for this beautiful cake is my sister. The creator of this beautiful recipe is not ...
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Peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache and peanut chikki sprinkles

The day I decide to chuck the packed lunch from home, in the mood for a nice fat sub, go straight up and order my ...
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Eggless streusel bottomed (really, bottomed; not topped) Apple Cake with brown butter glaze

We are subtracting using figures. Eight kites minus 3 kites. Hasini strikes out 4 instead of 3 kites, realizes the mistake, then looks around for ...
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Papaya Apple Halwa

If only I were as good a planner as I am a dreamer, I’d have made a Valentine’s day themed post. I’ d have the ...
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Kheer Poori

First the score: How many movies did you watch this Pongal? I watched 5-1/2. Not in theatres. On TV. My butt is still sore from ...
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