Dutch Apple Pie | Eggless Apple Pie

This long pending Dutch Apple pie is January month’s baking partner challenge which I actually did make in January but could not post until now ...
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Strawberry Cake with Vanilla frosting

Last week was mad. I was buried in work at work and it was my sister’s birthday on Jan 8th, Wednesday bang in the middle ...
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Mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting – Eggless

For Hasini’s 4thbirthday last week, I made these cute mini chocolate cupcakes with THE most amazing chocolate frosting, to take to school. Her class has ...
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Eggless Carrot Cake | Vegan Carrot Cake

I am as tightly wound up as the spiral wire on those old black telephones (remember those phones where we had to stick our finger ...
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White Chocolate Kalakand

Another short-cut cheat recipe, this sweet/mithai is ready in under 10 minutes and tastes great. It’s not the traditional kalakand in that it doesn’t involve ...
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Warm Chocolate Cake

I am writing this post sitting at a beautiful antique rosewood desk in our picturesque hotel room at Taj Savoy in freezing cold Ooty while ...
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Chocolate cream filled, chocolate glazed Kronuts – Croissant and doughnut in one

Whew! I am relieved to have got these kronuts done with. Kronuts, a doughnut-croissant hybrid, the invention of a New York bakery and apparently a ...
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Dates Halwa

I am not a huge fan of dates and I had a lot of trouble swallowing these dates during my pregnancy days. Dates are super ...
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Easiest Chocolate Pudding

This is the easiest chocolate pudding ever and you make it with Paneer! Just blend together everything till smooth and chill. This chocolate pudding is ...
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Bread Mithai

I made Bread mithai for this weekend’s dessert, this weekend was a little special since my husband returned home from a nearly 2-month long business ...
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