Bread Mithai

I made Bread mithai for this weekend’s dessert, this weekend was a little special since my husband returned home from a nearly 2-month long business ...
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Kaju Katli – Mundiri Cake

I never knew Kaju Katli was so simple until I heard this recipe from a family friend. It appears like a lot of beloved sweets ...
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Kamarkat is a quick and easy snack to make. You just need 4 ingredients. I usually avoid sweets that contain coconut but I am partial ...
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Falooda is my husband’s favourite dessert order at any restaurant and we’ve tasted quite a lot of versions of Falooda – some really interesting ones ...
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Sweet Potato Kheer – Somberi Series

To celebrate my 50th post, I am posting an easy Somberi dessert recipe. This is so easy, so quick and tastes delicious. The khoa is ...
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Easy Chocolate Brownie with dark chocolate frosting

Chocolate brownie with dark chocolate frosting is something I can imagine ordering anywhere. Chocolate – good, Dark chocolate – even better. There is something so ...
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Eggless Chocolate cake

This eggless chocolate cake is a delicious not-too-sweet cake. It is simple, un-fussy and pretty quick too. The condensed milk gives it a wonderfully sweet ...
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Carrot cupcake with Cream cheese frosting

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting I like the idea of baking fruits and vegetables into cakes. It makes for wonderfully flavoured, moist cakes with ...
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