Indian Statewise food – A Roundup of the past month

Here’s a short recap of the last one month’s statewise blogging marathon conveniently compiled in a single page. I’ve put together all the regional foods ...
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Kasi Halwa – My 200th post

It’s pleasantly cool and drizzly in Chennai in the midst of a sweltering May. The last few days have been humid hell, we were sweating ...
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Rasmalai – Bengal special

Whoever came up with these little milk soaked sweet melt-in-the-mouth treats was a genius. Rasmalai is one thing the entire family agrees upon – everybody ...
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Lapsi – sweet from Uttar Pradesh

We are on our last mile of the statewise blogging marathon – just 3 more to go before we wrap up this Indian food odyssey ...
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Sikkim’s Selroti – Deep fried sweet rings

The Selroti is a famous street food in Sikkim. It is this ring shaped deep fried sweet bread made from ground rice, banana and sugar ...
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Malpua – Rajasthan Dessert

We had chosen Malpuas for dessert from the hotel banquet menu for some occasion and nobody was with me. Malpuas were my choice. I had ...
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Dabbroo – Himachal Pradesh’s Sweet wheat pancakes

I made these sweet wheat pancakes just this morning. I had them for breakfast today. I have the sweet after-note of the Dabbroos still lingering ...
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Mocha Brownie

En ponnu pass aayitaa! En ponnu pass aayitaa! Hasini’s exam results came out yesterday and she has been promoted to UKG. Cookie boxes have worked ...
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Coffee flavoured cake with coffee frosting

This cake is all about coffee. The coffee flavour in this cake will sweep you off your feet and kickass at the same time. It ...
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Dutch Apple Pie | Eggless Apple Pie

This long pending Dutch Apple pie is January month’s baking partner challenge which I actually did make in January but could not post until now ...
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