Party Food

Chicken Tikka Masala – Punjab special

I love the Punjabi food ideology – whole milk, full fat, heavy cream. These guys really know how to eat. Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, chicken ...
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Coffee flavoured cake with coffee frosting

This cake is all about coffee. The coffee flavour in this cake will sweep you off your feet and kickass at the same time. It ...
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Paneer Tikka Masala

This is no internet researched rehashed recipe. My grandmother did not hand me this recipe. She never made Paneer Tikka of course, she made adhirasam, ...
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Strawberry Cake with Vanilla frosting

Last week was mad. I was buried in work at work and it was my sister’s birthday on Jan 8th, Wednesday bang in the middle ...
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Beach Cake

Hasini’s 4th birthday last month was a beach themed party and I chose to make a beach cake. I’ll tell you exactly how it came ...
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Fish Fingers

These fish fingers were the biggest hit at Hasini’s birthday party couple of weeks back. Fish fingers are a great make-ahead party appetizer and they ...
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Mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting – Eggless

For Hasini’s 4thbirthday last week, I made these cute mini chocolate cupcakes with THE most amazing chocolate frosting, to take to school. Her class has ...
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Eggless Carrot Cake | Vegan Carrot Cake

I am as tightly wound up as the spiral wire on those old black telephones (remember those phones where we had to stick our finger ...
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Rajma Kebab

I bookmarked these Rajma kebabs from Srivalli’s blog last month. I tried them today, yeah just this morning and I am posting it hot off ...
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Teddy Bear birthday Cake

This is my first decently decorated cake. I am calling this decent, so you should imagine how scary my earlier attempts would have been. I ...
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