Vadakari | Vadagari – Idli’s best companion

Yet another side dish for Idli. There can’t be enough of them. We wake up to idlis, eat them for dinner watching super singer, pack ...
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More Kuzhambu (Mor Kulambu) and Potato Roast

The second classic combo in the series is More Kuzhambu and Potato Roast. It had been ages since I made Mor Kulambu and I really ...
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Pan Roasted Paneer

Schools have reopened for the third term and we’re back to the usual grind all the while looking forward to the Pongal holidays coming up ...
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Yam Erissery | Karunai Kizhangu Erissery

I’ve been really lazy with the blog the past couple of weeks. I’ve been struggling to make even one post a week. Of late it’s ...
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Plaintain Flower/Vazhaipoo Florets – How to pick and clean

I am an adimai of vazhaipoovadai and for a very long time I did not attempt them because I didn’t know how to pick them ...
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Baby Potato Roast

Roasted baby potatoes are as cute as they’re tasty. I love baby potatoes. Peeling them is a pain though as the peel is thinner than ...
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Masala Vadai

This month being Purataasi, it’s been raining vadai, pongal and payasam every Saturday. Masala vadai is an all-time favourite and a classic Tamil dish (I ...
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Brinjal Pakoda | Eggplant Fritters

I am currently in a phase of eggplant madness. I want eggplants on everything. I am dressing them in myriad ways and I am liking ...
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Spiced Paneer fry | Paneer chukka

This dish will take just 10 minutes cutting board to dining table (doesn’t include plating and styling obviously) start to end and you’ll have an ...
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Baked Vazhakkai Chips – Raw Banana chips

Ever since my success with the baked potato wedges, I’ve been itching to try baked versions of crisps, chips and fries. This here must be ...
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