Cumin and black pepper seasoned Black gram Vadai – Milagu muzhu ulundhu Vadai

Specked with cumin and black pepper, this black gram vadai is crisp on the outside, a little chewy on the inside and an excellent tea-time ...
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Masala Green Beans Poriyal – Spiced Green beans stir-fry

This masala green beans poriyal is a nice spicy twist on the plain beans poriyal that we usually make. It goes splendidly well with rice ...
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Potato Masala/Potato Thokku – Traditional side dish

This potato thokku is a hot, spicy, pucca tamil (south-indian) masala curry that goes splendidly well with rice and sambar or rice and rasam. It ...
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Fried Hard-boiled eggs – Somberi Series

As promised, I am posting another Somberi recipe. This recipe is so simple, I can imagine people especially all the veterans, the kitchen killadis, and ...
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Quick and easy Paneer Bhurji/Paneer Podimas – Somberi series

I love quick, simple recipes because basically I am lazy (a somberi). I am always on the lookout for lazy ass recipes that I can ...
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Kathirikkai Chops – Brinjal/Eggplant pepper masala

Brinjal is on many people’s hate list and there are some who love it. I am in between (always in between – naduvule konjam kaaname ...
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Roasted Seppankezhangu – Roasted Colacassia/Arbi

Roasted Seppankezhangu – Roasted Colacassia/Arbi Roasted Seppankezhangu is my favourite side dish and ranks even higher than roasted potatoes. Roasted to crisp, golden perfection, and ...
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