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Dabbroo – Himachal Pradesh’s Sweet wheat pancakes

I made these sweet wheat pancakes just this morning. I had them for breakfast today. I have the sweet after-note of the Dabbroos still lingering ...
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Chole Bhatura – Haryana Classic

I had a cousin who always without fail ordered Chole Bhatura every time we ate out. Every single time. She was mildly crazy about it ...
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Ghugni – Bihari Potato-pea gravy

Today’s special is Bihari Ghugni, a warm, hearty potato-pea gravy that’s easy to make and fantastic with pooris or rotis. This is the way our ...
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Pesarattu & Ginger chutney | Andhra green gram dosai and ginger chutney

I’ve had to fight for pesarattu. I don’t know what it is with this family and pesarattu. They’re just not into it. The maamiyaar was ...
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Kara Adai

Kara Adai | Easy Adai

Hasini offered to hold up Yuvi’s arm while I gave him his bath today. Hasini amazes me often with a kindness that belies her age ...
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Aloo Tikki Chole | Indian Chaat

The third and final combo dish in the series and Jagan’s all-time favourite chaat order, here is Aloo Tikki Chole. He actually prefers his chole ...
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Idiyappam and Sodhi

You know how it is in offices before a holiday break and then after it. In-spite of a whole lot of “FYI”, “Coming soon” messages ...
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Kichadi | South-Indian Breakfast

This kichadi recipe is my mother’s. It works well and is really simple. Just remember the water:rava ratio which is 2:1 and you’ll do well ...
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Crispiest Crunchiest Masala Vadai

I tasted these masala vadais for the first time at Kanniamman Kovil, Manapakkam where we’d gone for my daughter’s first “mottai”. The Mottai is a ...
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Gobi Paratha – Cauliflower Stuffed Flatbread

I made these gobi parathas last weekend for lunch and they ought to be the simplest, most basic gobi parathas around but they were out-of ...
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