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Gobi Paratha – Cauliflower Stuffed Flatbread

I made these gobi parathas last weekend for lunch and they ought to be the simplest, most basic gobi parathas around but they were out-of ...
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Kadalai Adai – Chickpea Pancakes | Somberi series

I am back with another somberi recipe – an easy 10 minute recipe that is as tasty as it is quick. These are like bajjis ...
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Mini Oothappam

Oothappam is such a great thing, it transforms wincingly sour dosa batter into a tasty tiffin. I love oothappams with milagai podi. My personal favourite ...
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Medhu Vadai

I was always fascinated by the huge tyre like Medhu vadais that they serve in Udupi hotels for morning tiffin. Idli-vadai, Pongal-vadai or just vadai ...
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Aappam with Sweetened Coconut milk

Aappam with thengai paal (sweetened coconut milk) is one of my favourite breakfast dishes. There are very few sweet breakfasts that we make here in ...
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Tiffin Sambar – Saravana Bhavan Mini idli style

I am a huge fan of Saravana Bhavan’s mini idlis as are everyone in my family. This is such a delightfully tasty, absolutely lip-smacking tiffen ...
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Paneer Peas masala – Spicy side dish with Pooris or Rotis

Whenever we go to restaurants, there are certain dishes that we order almost involuntarily. Top one has to be biryani (my husband’s all-time favourite), second ...
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Ven Pongal with Coriander chutney

Ven Pongal is so easy that nobody can really screw it up too much. But I have managed to do that too, multiple times. The ...
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Rava Upma – Quick & Tasty Tiffin

Rava Upma – Quick & Tasty Tiffin Upma is a much maligned, under-rated dish among south-indian tiffins. Upma is quick, easy and tasty and needs ...
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Idiyappam (String Hoppers) with South-indian style Pepper & Ginger soup

Idiyappam (String Hoppers) with South-indian style Pepper & Ginger soup Idiyappam and soup This is one recipe that I need to give total credit to ...
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