Chocolate truffle cake

Chocolate truffle cake

The inspiration behind this beautiful cake is Jagan. The reason for this beautiful cake is my sister. The creator of this beautiful recipe is not me. Must be a genius at bbcgoodfood who came up with this recipe. Where (Why) do I come in? The maker of this beautiful cake is me. The one who made this cake from start to finish, the one who peeled the parchment paper off an un-chilled super-moist cake before transferring to cake board and paid hell, the one who made indigenous crème fraiche substituting a substitute for a substitute, the one who forgot to add in the said indigenous crème fraiche and then swirled it in the cake pans.  Still, this cake was stunning, in-spite of all the madness. I write this to tell you what not to do in making this gorgeous cake, and to tell you that even the hand-mixer wielding, Amul fresh cream using, birthday baker like you and me can make this cake. And you will be known ever after as the one who makes the best chocolate truffle cake. Recently at a coffee shop, Jagan asked me why I’ve never made Chocolate truffle cake like the one they have there. Why? I didn’t know. So I set out to make one. My sister’s birthday was the right occasion for a Chocolate truffle cake because it was the one coming up next. Then I found this recipe. I figured you couldn’t go wrong with 800 grams of chocolate plus cocoa and more than a pound of butter. I immediately decided this was the recipe I was going to go with. This is my best chocolate cake so far and it is going to be my new most favourite chocolate cake to make for a long time to come. It turned out absolutely fantastic – rich, fudgy-moist and so so chocolatey interlaced with velvety chocolate frosting and finished off with a luscious smooth chocolate ganache. Oh My! Perfection!  Make this for Valentine’s day, for a birthday or for a celebration. It is a special occassion cake.  

Peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache and peanut chikki sprinkles

The day I decide to chuck the packed lunch from home, in the mood for a nice fat sub, go straight up and order my favourite sub for once without looking at “The sub of the day” without dillydallying, the group behind me is arguing in great detail about the best deal – “sub of the day as salad + this – that is better than sub of the day + that. You save 10 bucks da machaan”. I didn’t need that. Is that a message? I didn’t need that. I order mine with extra cheese and then add a toastie as well. There, take that! I made this cake for Jagan’s birthday last month. I was just a few weeks into my so called “no-dessert, keep your hands off the extra biryani” diet, I’d eat leftover vegetables or a carrot or some fruit before going hungry to bed and almost getting used to it. Then I made this cake. After everybody had had their slice after cutting the cake, after sharing with friends and family, I still had more than one quarter of the cake plus the trimmed pieces of the cake dome plus some of that over-the-top swiss meringue peanut butter frosting. I didn’t need that. What is one to do? For my nightly supper I substituted the carrot with a super-thin slice of the moist, peanut butter cake. When I was finished with the cake in said manner, I cut up pieces of the trimmed cake and dipped it in the super smooth, luscious peanut butter frosting and ate that up too. I licked the last of the peanut butter frosting. Circumstances… Aah. Circumstances can make even the most determined woman lick peanut butter frosting. What chance do I have? I am not even as determined. This is a special occasion cake I’ll be making several times. It is peanut butter bliss, from the moist, tender, peanut buttery cake to the luscious, smooth swiss meringue peanut butter frosting, a lovely bittersweet chocolate ganache to cut all the peanuttiness and a golden crown of crunchy peanut chikki shards to finish it off. By the way, I am terribly proud of my crushed peanut chikki sprinkles. So easy, so cheap, DIY and looks and tastes wow.Make this cake for a special occasion. Enjoy! Prep time: 15 mins (cake) + 30 mins (frosting) + 10 mins (ganache)Baking time: 30 minsServes:...

A couple of birthdays, a colossal cake pop failure and a fantastic Black forest cake

Aadi madness is past (thank god!) and a couple of birthdays too. It was my birthday a week ago (thank Facebook! for the birthday reminders) and Yuvi’s the next day and like a good new-age momma I planned his cake, birthday favors for his class-mates and a small party at home. As if Yuvi would have minded giving his class-mates an alpenliebe instead. He couldn’t care less. In fact he was pissed off he had to go to school on his birthday. He wasn’t thrilled that he’d be sharing sweets with his friends and that they’d sing “Happy Birthday” for him. Turns out he was right after all – they did not sing “Happy Birthday” for him. I could not believe this! And his teacher had dropped a favour bag inside Yuvi’s bag too! Staying at home would have been a much nicer treat and he would have appreciated the break. I need to listen more to my 3 year old. My birthday is no longer my birthday. It is the day before my son’s birthday and every year I spend my birthday elbow deep in flour and butter trying to make a decent birthday cake for Yuvi. This time around I planned a black forest cake for him and thankfully it turned out absolutely fabulous.I picked the recipefrom sailusfood.  Black forest cake is easier than you might think but it has multiple components and it takes time but it works well. Baking the cake is the easiest part. Bake and chill the cakes while you go about readying the rest. Use good quality tinned cherries. This is absolutely crucial. Prepare the cherry syrup and ready the cherries. Whip the cream and grate up some chocolate and you’re ready to assemble the master piece. Tropolite whipping cream worked perfect. Add in sugar and vanilla to the whipping cream and freeze the entire whipping cream set-up along with bowl and beaters for the fastest results. The bigger story of the day was the colossal cake pop failure and second time in a row for me. I had planned to make cake pops for Yuvi’s classmates. I planned well in advance, made two loaves of banana bread and froze them. I then processed them in my food processor, mixed in the frosting and shaped them into balls. I even measured out each cake ball to make sure they were all uniformly sized....

Beach Cake

Hasini’s 4th birthday last month was a beach themed party and I chose to make a beach cake. I’ll tell you exactly how it came about. I first chose the cake and then the theme. The beach cake seemed doable enough – bake the cake, slap the frosting all over, cover three quarters of the top with crushed cookies (I used digestive biscuits) to make the sand and the remaining quarter with blue frosting to make the sea. Boy, was I wrong. I didn’t give much thought to the “blue” frosting part. Guess what, there’s no blue food colour in stores. Atleast not in Nilgiris, Amma Naana, Nuts and Spices or N2H. I was too far into it to change the cake. We’d made the decorations and decided the menu even. I scoured the net for ideas. I even bought purple cabbage to make my own natural blue food colour. You have to boil purple cabbage, reduce the boiled liquid which is purple in colour and finally add baking soda to make it blue. You’ve got to be very careful adding the baking soda as a little too much and the liquid will turn green. Thankfully I didn’t have to go down that path as my friend Priya came to the rescue. She suggested Blue Curacao syrup a lovely deep blue syrup which is used in mocktails. I bought two of these bottles but I ended up using just about 2 tablespoons of it as the frosting was getting too runny. It was maddeningly sultry that day and I didn’t have time to chill the cake after creating the “sea” and the sea sort of surged over. I used Hershey’s perfectlychocolate chocolate cake recipe, doubled it to make two rectangular cakes which I stacked one atop the other. I filled and frosted the cake with this yummy chocolate frosting (I tripled the recipe). I made a small batch of vanilla frosting for the sea. The cake was delightfully moist, chocolatey and absolutely scrummy. The cake was so moist and tender, it was a task slicing and serving given that we didn’t have the cake lifter. Don’t attempt to serve this cake without a cake slicer/lifter. Bake the cakes and make the frosting the day before and then assemble the next day. Breaking the whole thing into components I find helps keep my sanity. Notes: 1.      Line cake pans with butter...

Teddy Bear birthday Cake

This is my first decently decorated cake. I am calling this decent, so you should imagine how scary my earlier attempts would have been. I made this cake for my son’s 2nd birthday yesterday. I am terribly poor at cake decorating. I am just not patient enough. I took it slow this time, planning and making things ahead of time. I baked the cake and prepared the frosting and ganache a day earlier. The previous night, I had to cut, fill and frost the cakes and that took me nearly 2 hours. My kids woke up before I could finish, so I had to shove everything in the fridge and finish the next morning. I hardly slept, I kept dreaming of trimming, piping and smoothing the cake. I am pretty happy that 4 out 5 recognized it as a teddy bear. The 5th called it a Mickey Mouse which is still close enough. The Vanilla cake recipe is Martha Stewart’s and is a definite keeper. The cake tastes wonderful and is a great basic cake that would go well with just about any frosting. Making the cake was straight-forward and was the easiest of the steps. There are 2 round cakes here. One makes the face of the bear. The other cake I used to cut the ears and snout of the bear. I cut the round cake in half and filled it with vanilla buttercream. I used chocolate ganache to cover and frost the top and sides of the cake. I mixed a little bit of the chocolate ganache with the vanilla buttercream to tint it to a light beige shade which I then used for the snout, eyes and inside of the bear’s ears. You’ll need just 2 colours for the bear – the light beige and the chocolate brown. Thank god, I wasn’t making a rainbow cake. For a much better looking bear cake, head here which is where I drew inspiration. My bear’s mouth is too big and ill-shaped and his left eye is sort of damaged. My son didn’t help the case; he put his little fingers into the bear’s mouth even before I could click some pictures. The chocolate ganache I thought could have been thicker, but it worked quite well for covering the cake. When left outside, when you’re decorating for prolonged periods, the ganache tends to warm and get a bit runny,...
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