Red cabbage & chickpea salad

Purple cabbage Chickpea Salad | Project 50k update

Do you remember the magazine that carried a feature on women’s leggings, photographing unwary moms’ bottoms when their kurta fluttered up at the traffic signal? I have an idea the magazine may like. I’d like to contact the same magazine to ask if they’d be interested in doing a similar feature on the men in gym who wear sleeveless T-shirts and gym tights and all men/boys who strap their pants around their thighs, their back pockets near the back of the knee and their “jockey” strap for everyone to see. If someone knows someone who knows someone who supplies water cans to that magazine, please put in a word, will you? That’s how things works, don’t they? I was at the gym a couple of days back when all these distracting thoughts criss-crossed my mind. I noted them down to write about them later. I then finished my workout and checked my weight. I’d lost about 0.6 kilos over the last 10 days. Project 50k update Overall I’ve lost about 3.6 kilos from the time I started. I’ve also switched over to MyfitnessPal app. I find it crashes less often and has lot more food listings which makes it quicker to use. I’ve still got to lose a little over 14 kilos in 3 months. It’s a lot steeper than the pace at which I’ve been losing weight. But I also know I’ve had a few lackadaisical weeks when I was swamped with work, when I ate late and skipped my workout. Then there was my birthday and my son’s and so cake and ice cream. I thought I was no longer as besotted with chocolate cake, with ice cream, that I was now adult enough to not eat the entire box of leftover cake. Appears that I am not. It’s time to tighten up and stay focused. How is your weight-loss journey shaping up? Do share in the comments section below. Now I actually have a chicken parmigiana recipe in my drafts that I wanted to post but then I don’t want to disturb reader’s expectations. There were quite a few of them who felt cheated that I was eating Dal Makhani in the course of Project 50k. I am eating healthy most of the time. But I do occasionally eat rice, dal makhani or biryani. I am still very much focussed on project 50k. Here is another salad...

Cabbage Kootu

The infamous Cabbage Kootu is finally here. I don’t think any blogger ever wrote how much she hated the dish that she was blogging about but I am going to do just that. However hard I try I just cannot wax eloquent about Cabbage Kootu. I cannot tell you how flavourful, lip-smacking and yummy it is. I just can’t. Honest Jayanthi like Honest Raj. That’s because I am not crazy about Kootus in general. I do enjoy a few like the Bottle Gourd Kootu but I mostly avoid other Kootus. Nothing wrong about Kootus (I don’t want to offend the Kootu lovers), it’s just me. This Cabbage Kootu is a standard feature in our Saturday menu and sometimes on other days as well. We’ve made it so often that it has very quickly climbed to number 1 on my hate-list. Now this Cabbage Kootu tastes like a good Kootu should – smooth, warm, fresh and boring. So don’t go by my view here, by all means try the recipe if you like Cabbage Kootu. It will turn out well. “So if you don’t like it why do you make it so often and then pain us with your dreary stories? “, you may ask. Go back to my profile and read carefully. I say J-O-I-N-T Family. You know Joint family? It’s a very complicated joint, this joint. You cannot just go in and cook what you want (Deiva kutham – blasphemy), you may suggest ideas but mostly may not be approved, you can however gleefully agree to the menu being put forth and chop onions, tomatoes, grate coconut, peel garlic, wash, wipe etc. You may get a free hand occasionally and just when you think you’ve got the perfect meal planned, they’d be ordering take-out. Yeah, it happens, all the time. Prep time: 15 minsCooking time: 20-30 minsServes: 5-6 Ingredients Cabbage – 1 medium sized chopped fineMoong dal/Paasi Paruppu – 1 cupOnion – 1 large chopped fineTomato – 1 large chopped fineGarlic – 4 cloves peeled (optional)Asafoetida – a pinchMustard seeds – 1 tspJeera/Cumin seeds – 1 tspTurmeric powder – ½ tspRed chilli powder – 1 tbspGrated Coconut – 5 tbspSalt to tasteOil – 2 tbsp Method 1.      Rinse the dal well in 2-3 changes of water till the water runs clear. In a pressure cooker, add the dal, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, asafoetida and whole garlic cloves along...
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