Chicken stir fry

Chicken & Bell Pepper stir fry

In the early days of my marriage, when we were in Bangalore less the joint-family, stir fries where the staple. We had stir-fries every-day for dinner. I had a kitchen all to myself (glorious times those) and all I did were stir fries those first few weeks (dumb me). But Stir-fries are the easiest, quickest and sometimes the healthiest options too. We’d have stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried sprouts.. This stir-fried chicken is quick and yummy. This stir-fried chicken was perfect for my little ones. They loved it. Each picture shows you a dynamically changing bowl of stir-fried chicken. Because my kids kept nibbling on the chicken while I tried to click these pictures. There are innumerable ways you can vary this stir fry but just make sure that you adhere to the basic principle of stir-fries. Always stir fry at high heat, while constantly moving the food around. You want your food to cook but you also want to retain the freshness and crunch. So the order in which you add vegetables is important. Capsicum/Bell peppers cook very fast and therefore you add them towards the end. If you were to add carrots or baby corn, you’d have to add them earlier or leave them to cook a little longer. If you want to add mushrooms, cook them separately till all the water evaporates and they’re nicely browned and then combine them towards the end. And don’t ever overcook chicken, it gets stringy and tasteless. I served this stir-fried chicken along with Thai red curry and steamed rice. My kids ate the stir fried chicken as is. You could also serve these alongside Mexican rice, sandwich them between two layers of toast slathered with some mayonnaise or roll them up in a tortilla along with your favourite sauces. Another great way to serve these to kids is to give them little toothpicks to pick out the chicken. My kids recently went crazy using their toothpicks at a restaurant. Try it. Prep time: 5 minsCooking time: 10 minsServes: 3 Ingredients Chicken Breasts – 2 cut into bite sized piecesCapsicum/Bell peppers – ½ cup chopped into bite sized piecesGarlic – 4 pods mincedGinger – 1 inch piece mincedOil – 3 tbspSoy sauce – 1 tspBlack pepper powder – 1 tspSalt to taste Method 1.      Wash and clean chicken. Pat dry and chop into bite sized pieces. 2.      Heat up a pan, add oil...

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is super simple if you already have cooked rice. If you don’t, it’s not too bad. It’s just one extra step but important point is to let the rice cool down completely before using it in the fried rice as hot rice tends to break easily, stick and lump up. Another important point is to use a non-stick skillet or a well-seasoned iron wok so that the rice doesn’t stick. Rest is a breeze. This was one of the first dishes that I cooked for my husband when I was still an apprentice and he loved it. I am still an apprentice (apperecent – vadivelu style) of course, I live in a joint family remember. I am a senior apprentice now, allowed to cook for the entire family after getting the menu approved, decide the chutney and fry vadais under casual unintentional supervision. I am a great fan of Chinese and Thai food and fried rice is a firm favourite at home. It is a kid-pleaser too. Fried rice is best served with a Chinese style gravy (Pepper chicken or Chilli vegetables?). Of late Chinese take-out tastes terrible. So bad, that our chicken-crazy dog refused to eat the chicken lollipop. And stay away from the Chinese restaurant buffets. They are even worse. You can use this fried rice recipe base and vary it numerous ways. Omit the egg to make vegetable fried rice or add chicken to make chicken fried rice. You can vary the seasoning too. I will be posting some of those variations and the Chinese style gravy sometime soon.   Ingredients Long grain rice – 1 -1/2 cups cooked Eggs – 3Onion – 1 large chopped fineCarrot – 1 small chopped fineGreen Beans – 5-7 chopped fineGreen Peas – a handfulGarlic – 4 chopped fineWhite pepper powder – 2 tsp + pinchSoy sauce – 1-1/2 tspVinegar – 1 tspSalt to tasteOil – 5 tbspSpring onions – 2 chopped fine (only the green portion)                                 Method 1.      Rice chilled for 4-5 hours is ideal. If you’re short of time, cook rice and spread out on a wide plate to cool. Then transfer the cooled rice to a bowl and refrigerate till you use. 2.      To cook rice, soak basmati rice/long grain rice in water for an hour or more, boil 3 cups water in a pot and add soaked rice to the boiling water. Wait till...
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