chocolate cherry cake

Dark chocolate cherry cake | A thank you note

Cake making is always a serious affair for me. I approach it with fear, anxiety and nervousness. I have slightly more confidence than I had a few years back but I am still a nervous wreck when I have a cake to be made. I recently made this Dark chocolate cherry cake with whipped cream and chocolate toppings for Hasini’s birthday party. I must say, I outdid myself. The recipe itself is unbelievably simple and fuss-free, it’s very hard to go wrong. That this simple and unassuming a recipe yields such a wondrously moist, deep chocolatey cake makes me wonder why I’ve separated eggs, beaten them separately & folded them gently in the past. I doubled the chocolate cake recipe from Bakingamoment site. It is a keeper. Lesson: A more complicated recipe is not necessarily a finer one. Sometimes a simple one is just as good or even better. Keep it simple.   Don’t be put off by the number of components to this cake. They’re each quite simple on their own. Together they make a beautiful Dark chocolate cherry cake that’s perfect for a birthday, a celebration or a special occasion. Here are some images from the birthday celebrations. We had a cooking theme birthday party. Hasini and her friends made their own pizzas and decorated sugar cookies with royal icing. My Mamiyaar stitched custom aprons for all the kids. These aprons were the birthday favours. The kids wore these aprons while working on their pizza and cookies. Yuvan, the lone boy wore the blue apron.   The party menu was short and simple – pizza that the kids made, Dark cherry chocolate cake, French fries and ice cream. I used my mandolin slicer to make short work of about 3 kilos of potatoes, fried them and froze them a day before the party and then fried them just before serving time. The kids relished the pizza more than usual because they had made them with their own hands. I hadn’t thought of that but was glad it worked out that way. You know how our women always head to the kitchen in the host’s house to help, to offer a lending hand, to ease the pressure. I always loved that solidarity. As a mommy who has successfully conducted another kid’s birthday party I have a thank you note to read. I need to thank all the women who...

Peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache and peanut chikki sprinkles

The day I decide to chuck the packed lunch from home, in the mood for a nice fat sub, go straight up and order my favourite sub for once without looking at “The sub of the day” without dillydallying, the group behind me is arguing in great detail about the best deal – “sub of the day as salad + this – that is better than sub of the day + that. You save 10 bucks da machaan”. I didn’t need that. Is that a message? I didn’t need that. I order mine with extra cheese and then add a toastie as well. There, take that! I made this cake for Jagan’s birthday last month. I was just a few weeks into my so called “no-dessert, keep your hands off the extra biryani” diet, I’d eat leftover vegetables or a carrot or some fruit before going hungry to bed and almost getting used to it. Then I made this cake. After everybody had had their slice after cutting the cake, after sharing with friends and family, I still had more than one quarter of the cake plus the trimmed pieces of the cake dome plus some of that over-the-top swiss meringue peanut butter frosting. I didn’t need that. What is one to do? For my nightly supper I substituted the carrot with a super-thin slice of the moist, peanut butter cake. When I was finished with the cake in said manner, I cut up pieces of the trimmed cake and dipped it in the super smooth, luscious peanut butter frosting and ate that up too. I licked the last of the peanut butter frosting. Circumstances… Aah. Circumstances can make even the most determined woman lick peanut butter frosting. What chance do I have? I am not even as determined. This is a special occasion cake I’ll be making several times. It is peanut butter bliss, from the moist, tender, peanut buttery cake to the luscious, smooth swiss meringue peanut butter frosting, a lovely bittersweet chocolate ganache to cut all the peanuttiness and a golden crown of crunchy peanut chikki shards to finish it off. By the way, I am terribly proud of my crushed peanut chikki sprinkles. So easy, so cheap, DIY and looks and tastes wow.Make this cake for a special occasion. Enjoy! Prep time: 15 mins (cake) + 30 mins (frosting) + 10 mins (ganache)Baking time: 30 minsServes:...

Teddy Bear birthday Cake

This is my first decently decorated cake. I am calling this decent, so you should imagine how scary my earlier attempts would have been. I made this cake for my son’s 2nd birthday yesterday. I am terribly poor at cake decorating. I am just not patient enough. I took it slow this time, planning and making things ahead of time. I baked the cake and prepared the frosting and ganache a day earlier. The previous night, I had to cut, fill and frost the cakes and that took me nearly 2 hours. My kids woke up before I could finish, so I had to shove everything in the fridge and finish the next morning. I hardly slept, I kept dreaming of trimming, piping and smoothing the cake. I am pretty happy that 4 out 5 recognized it as a teddy bear. The 5th called it a Mickey Mouse which is still close enough. The Vanilla cake recipe is Martha Stewart’s and is a definite keeper. The cake tastes wonderful and is a great basic cake that would go well with just about any frosting. Making the cake was straight-forward and was the easiest of the steps. There are 2 round cakes here. One makes the face of the bear. The other cake I used to cut the ears and snout of the bear. I cut the round cake in half and filled it with vanilla buttercream. I used chocolate ganache to cover and frost the top and sides of the cake. I mixed a little bit of the chocolate ganache with the vanilla buttercream to tint it to a light beige shade which I then used for the snout, eyes and inside of the bear’s ears. You’ll need just 2 colours for the bear – the light beige and the chocolate brown. Thank god, I wasn’t making a rainbow cake. For a much better looking bear cake, head here which is where I drew inspiration. My bear’s mouth is too big and ill-shaped and his left eye is sort of damaged. My son didn’t help the case; he put his little fingers into the bear’s mouth even before I could click some pictures. The chocolate ganache I thought could have been thicker, but it worked quite well for covering the cake. When left outside, when you’re decorating for prolonged periods, the ganache tends to warm and get a bit runny,...
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