Pesarattu & Ginger chutney | Andhra green gram dosai and ginger chutney

I’ve had to fight for pesarattu. I don’t know what it is with this family and pesarattu. They’re just not into it. The maamiyaar was never enthused about pesarattu turning it down whenever I suggested it. The one time I thought she might agree I was out of green gram. The pesarattu stayed on my mind for weeks together. One day when she told me she’d be out early and that I had to take care of breakfast, I knew what I was going to make. Pesarattu and ginger chutney.  I love pesarattu. My mother makes wonderful pesarattu (but with the yellow moong dal), golden and crispy loaded with fried onions and fresh coriander. I wanted to try the popular Andhra version made with green moong dal. It turned out quite well but it wasn’t crisp like my mother’s. It was tasty nonetheless. I loved the gingery cumin note of the pesarattu, enlivened further by the fresh coriander leaves and the cartloads of fried onions that I had added. I always prefer adding fried onions instead of raw onions to adai or pesarattu. The onions are not fried brown, they’re only fried to the translucent stage. The fried onions add a lovely sweet bite to the pesarattu. The fried onions are the crowning glory to any pesarattu. So be liberal with them onions. The ginger chutney is another thing of beauty. I love Andhra meals specifically for their chutnies and podis. Beautiful stuff. This ginger chutney is a lovely combination of earthy, sweet, sour and spicy tones – ginger, jaggery, tamarind and chillies. The ginger chutney goes splendidly with pesarattu and I think it’ll do great alongside dosa or idli as well. Even the maamiyaar loved the chutney. She didn’t say so of course, but said non-challantly “the chutney is nice, so it has ginger and red chillies?” If somebody asks you for the recipe in however indirect a manner, it means just one thing – “It was good”. Since this chutney doesn’t contain coconut, it doesn’t make as much volume of chutney as your regular coconut based chutnies. Pesarattu and ginger chutney is one beautiful tiffin combination that I’d repeat willingly every time the maamiyaar is out of sight. Starting today, the whole of this month, I’ll be posting one recipe a day from each of the Indian states along with my blogging marathon friends. I’ve been planning this...
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