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Singapore used to be the first foreign trip that most Indians made in those days once they got their passports. Travelling on software work to the US, semi-bonded labour to Saudi wouldn’t count. Those were business trips. The first foreign holiday was usually Singapore. It was the same for us. Singapore fits the bill because it is closer home, is within budget and has something for everyone. I’ve only been to Singapore once. So I am no authority on the best places to visit in Singapore. I went with the collective wisdom of the world. I relied on my google research. I must say we had a great time at Singapore. The kids count Singapore among one of their favourite trips too. It’s been more than a year since we visited Singapore. So I will be hazy around specific details. Like with everything else, there was one song that was playing on my mind when we were on the flight to Singapore. The Ramaraj song set in Singapore – “Sorgame endralum adhu nammu ooru pole varuma…“. My first impression of Singapore was that it had such high high-rises, it was scary. Also Singapore could give Chennai a run for its money on the humidity angle. It was hot and sweaty. We visited sometime in September-October. We spent an absolutely fun-filled day at Universal studios. Jagan had a great time riding all the roller coasters multiple times on all our passes because we were too scared to go. We sipped slushies and ice creams and went on the slow rides that grandmas and tiny tots went on. I hauled my hefty DSLR around while petite, perfectly smooth legged chinese women nimbly extended their selfie sticks and expertly shot a few 100 pictures. I ducked and dodged to stay out of other people’s selfies. I didn’t want to be that out-of-focus beautiful fat aunty with the mookuthi in the corner of the picture. We were totally beat by the time we returned to the hotel that night. I had the most flavor-packed ramen bowl that night for dinner at a little restaurant at Clarke Quay that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind. Universal studios is a quick cab ride from Singapore mainland. We had booked all of our tickets for Universal studios online right after we booked our hotel and flight bookings. We did the same for Jurong...
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