Homemade Puff pastry | Bakery style egg puffs and vegetable puffs

I told you last week that I am on a diet, that you’re going to see more salads and stir-fries and I am eating healthy. Today I post butter layered, utterly butterly buttery puff pastry recipe. Therein lies the twist. No twist. These are from the heydays of my carefree eating a couple of months back which I am posting now instead of earlier because my timing is bad and I can’t remember nothing. There is no excuse not to make puff pastry and none whatsoever to not eat it. I’ll forego my entire lunch (if I really have to) for one piping hot, fresh from the oven egg puff that crackles with every bite spilling lovely crispy golden shards of puff pastry down my kurti. I’ve always heard how puff pastry is really complicated and difficult and that it requires lots of skill and practice. I won’t say it’s easy. It takes time and patience but it is definitely doable and successfully at that by any first timer. This was my first attempt and what can I say other than that they were simply astounding. This was my bedtime routine that entire week. I’d lug my pastry dough, jumbo rolling pin, flour and plywood board to our bedroom every night leaving it all by the bedside to let the dough soften while I got Yuvi and Hasini into their night dress, while Yuvi sang, while Hasini sharpened her pencils down to nothingness, while they tumbled around the pillows, while Yuvi told me what Bheem and Dolu Bolu did that day, while they laughed their heads off at made up words “Druka”, “buduka”, “damputippa”, while they settled into their beds and dozed away. I’d then step over to my Pastry Dough rolling out station and in a great cloud of flour, start. I’d quickly roll out the dough, fold back in, turn it around and again roll out, fold back in, turn around, roll out, fold back in, roll, fold, turn, roll, fold turn until the butter held up. I’d stop when the butter started to ooze out. I’d shove it back into the fridge and continue later. I did this for 3 days maybe 4 or even 5, can’t say. I was lost in it. Then I finally rolled out the puff pastry dough into one large sheet, cut it up into smallish squares and froze them ready to be filled...
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