Sale at Poppat Jamal

Colourful Melamine bowls – ching cha There’s a sale on at Poppat Jamal till end of this month (Dec’12). Almost every item is available at a discount. I’d always wanted to visit the store but never got around to it. When I finally manage to, there is a sale. How about that? I am never lucky at these kinds of things, I always buy at lifestyle one week before the big sale (when I do visit during the sale, what I pick doesn’t carry a discount), I buy gold when it is at its peak and I never ever get a parking spot in a crowded shopping area. So I reckoned that god was willing me to cook away. It’s a wonderful store for cooking/entertaining enthusiasts – classy chinaware, sizzler plates, baking essentials like pans/cookie sheets, entire dinner sets, kitchen appliances like ovens & juicers and lots of other stuff that I couldn’t take in in the short time I was there. I went with my husband who usually does his hustling routine after the first 10-15 minutes. I couldn’t resist buying those colourful melamine bowls, they’re so cheery and a few baking pans. I also liked the little copper bowls and miniature kadais (like you have in Karaikudi restaurant). It would be on my next shopping list (as if I carry one) meaning I’ll buy later when I make a good enough family acclaimed chettinad curry.
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