Lockdown diaries – Finding happiness

I thought hard and came up with a list of things that bring me happiness these days. Necessity is the mother of all invention. Lockdown is the motherf**ker (oh sorry, forgot that this is not a rap song) of all of mankind’s joys - going out, playing a game, being friends, trusting each other, eating pizza. Actually an Eminem style uncensored in-your-face frustration-busting rap feels more natural at this time. Since we need to do the right thing even if it’s harder and also since I cannot rap (not even ‘gully boy’ level, whatever it was) I’ll do what I do best. I’ll write a post. I am trying to keep the faith just like all of you. I believe everything will get better. Hope this helps you reflect on the little joys in your life.
book review - the ministry of utmost happiness

What are you reading these days?

What are you reading these days, apart from types of plants, festivals of India, common nouns and shapes and patterns? And how exactly did this come about? At exactly which juncture, did you take up the homework portfolio? You were changing diapers. Dad did too at times. You played with him and dad recorded videos of his adorable little tantrums. You fed him. Dad maybe played a rhyme or two. You shopped for his clothes. Dad was browsing his phone. You bought him the cars and guns. Dad played with them. Dad and mom dropped him for his first day of school. You lingered on. Dad didn’t see the point. You waited for him to return from school to pamper the poor little boy. You quizzed him about school, his teacher, his friends. You got nothing. You sat him down and made him write his first letters. Dad felt it was too early. You felt dad wasn’t taking this seriously. You had to take charge. You made him study every day. Dad continued to be nonchalant. You couldn’t. You were being bombarded by other moms’ messages, elaborate discussions on the daily lessons, their kids’ class notes, their drawings, the prizes they were winning and their performances. You couldn’t let your child lag behind. But you aren’t as obsessed either. Study times are getting more arduous. You want help. You turn. Dad is not around. Dad has left long ago. Roles have been set. Once the homework manager, always the homework manager. Precedents are very very important. What are you reading? I won’t be surprised if you don’t remember the last real book you read or if you haven’t completed your last book. There was a time I slept with multiple unfinished books around my pillow as if I feared that I may not finish them if I put them back on my shelves. I didn’t finish them anyway. Things improved a little as Hasini and Yuvi grew a little older. And then Jagan gifted me a kindle. I still didn’t read a book a week. But I scrambled back into reading. I realized that my tastes have changed now. I’ve gravitated away from novels towards memoirs, epics and history. I wanted to share what I’ve been reading these days. I hope you’ll share what you are reading and we could do a reading club kind of thing. Sometimes I am...
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