Nellikkai rice & Pidikizhangu masiyal

Nellikkai (Gooseberry) rice & Pidikizhangu Masiyal

I’ve caught myself staring into space quite a lot these days. I’ve been thinking. Today I wanted to share with you some of the deep stuff that I think about.   Why do washing machine ads always show people washing one dirty shirt at a time? Is that a message to us that when we load the machine chockful like we usually do, we cannot expect clean clothes? We can only expect to distribute the dirt equally among all the clothes?   Where are all those single socks? Did they not get along?   Are there really households where kids sit down for breakfast on school days? Is that fictional?   Who are these mothers who cut up food into fancy shapes?   What’s with the cake in the form of a camera, a shoe, a handbag, a whiskey bottle? If I was really crazy about cameras I’d expect to get a camera for my birthday and a yummy cake. I wouldn’t be expecting a cake in form of a camera. That is cheating! I don’t need to be shown what I like. I am not interested in knowing how skillful the baker is in disguising a cake as something else.   You’re standing at a buffet counter and somebody behind you says “excuse me”. What could that possible mean? – “I am more important. I need to eat first.”  or “Excuse me is the verbal equivalent of honking. I can get ahead anywhere by saying ‘excuse me’” or “Get out of my way. I don’t believe in queues.”   Do you also see patterns in your bathroom tiles?   Who informs my kids that I’ve gone to the toilet?   Who gave my phone number to all the banks, insurance companies, car service companies, NGOs, charities and all the courier guys in town?   Are you a thinker too? What do you think about? Share with me in the comments. I’d love to hear. I also wanted to share the recipe to a meal I made last week that I thoroughly enjoyed. Nellikkai rice or Gooseberry rice is an incredibly simple and quick rice dish to make. It is more intense than a lemon rice, a little extra sour but easily adjusted by mixing in more rice. Mix in fried cashews and chopped coriander to brighten it up. I made a simple Pidikizhangu mash to go with it. This...

Gooseberry rice/Nellikkai Rice – Lunch box alternative

What women think? What’s the latest fall/winter collection going to be? Should I buy Gucci or Mochi or Adda-chi? How can I vilify my mother in law/daughter in law? Is my hair falling too much? Wrong! Except maybe the last one. They don’t think any of these crappy things that TV shows or beauty parlour magazines (I don’t know if people actually buy these magazines) would have you think. What real women actually think – “What do I pack for lunch tomorrow?” I am not fully into the lunch-box grind yet as my kids are yet to start full-time school (the elder one will start June this year)but I already have a fair idea how it’s going to look like. My husband is the biggest kid, and he is so picky that most dishes are ruled out and I have to work within a very small circle. This small circle includes variety rice dishes – seasoned rice that is dry and tastes just as good when not hot. The Nellikkai rice/Gooseberry rice that I am posting today is a new twist on the usual lemon/coconut rice dishes and is a clever way to incorporate gooseberry into your food. Unlike the raw Nellikkai, the Nellikkai rice doesn’t taste cringingly sour, it tastes tangy, nutty and wonderfully fresh. You can serve nellikkai rice paired with a spicy curry like the eggplant pepper masala that I posted earlier. It is a great lunch box option as well. Gooseberry has so many health benefits – strengthens hair, improves eye-sight, helps control diabetes and cholesterol, strengthens heart, builds resistance against infection and so much more that it makes sense to make gooseberry part of your regular diet. Preparation time: 10 minsCooking time: 10 minsServes: 4 Ingredients Gooseberry/Nellikkai – 7 big ones pitted and gratedPeanuts – a handfulGinger – 1 inch peeled and mincedGreen chilli – 2 slit lengthwiseMustard seeds – 1 tspSplit Black gram dal/Urad dal – 2 tspJeera/Cumin seeds – 1 tspCurry leaves – 1 stemOil – 2 tbspSalt to tasteCoriander leaves – a handful for garnishingCooked Rice – 4 cups Method 1.      Heat oil in a kadai and when hot add mustard seeds. Let splutter. Drop in the peanuts and fry till they colour. 2.      Then add urad dal, cumin, curry leaves, minced ginger and green chillies and sauté till the urad dal starts colouring. 3.      Throw in the grated nellikkai/gooseberry, add salt...
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