2020 Outlook

It’s been more than 6 months since I wrote a post. I took a break to go away and write my book. I have to report back to you even though none of you asked. I haven’t written my book yet. I realized that I am not the writer with the discipline to sit down at my writing desk (I don’t have a designated writing desk and I blame that for everything) everyday and write away. I also realized that I missed writing my blog posts. I wanted to write a post before the end of the year because I have this tendency to clear up, reset things at the end of the year as if that makes up for the laziness of the entire year and to feel good stepping into the new year. I am not going to call these resolutions for 2020 because I am now older and I shouldn’t sound too hopeful and I need to use something more broad and vague and easy to wriggle out of. I am calling this my outlook for 2020 which sounds something like the government’s plan to link rivers – important and well-meaning and broad but not necessarily immediate or feasible. Work ‘your thing’ into your daily routine Now more than ever I feel a daily routine is of utmost importance as I see days slip by when I’ve not read or written and I feel a pain that’s part anguish, part guilt that quickly turns into self-reproach and despair. I am going to try and set aside a few hours every day to read and write. The bigger, more difficult task is convincing the family that I am doing something critical and absolutely essential and it’s not dispensable. Mommy has to read her story book. Mommy has to write her little silly stories and blog posts. She may not be disturbed when she is doing her thing. It could be listening to music, going for a walk, taking a class or watching a movie or talking to a friend. I believe all the wives and mommies and grandmothers need to set aside time everyday to do their thing when they’re not available to others. It’s ok to not be available for some time. It’s not selfish. It’s soul-sustenance.   Weight-loss goals – fun and consistency I am definitely trying to lose weight this year too. I am an optimist....

2014 New Year Resolutions | 1st Year Blog Anniversary Post

One year ago, this day yesterday (late again) I posted my very first blog post – Sale at Poppat Jamal. Now about 140 posts later, I am still abysmally erratic (I’ve not posted in a week), I am woefully un-prepared for festivals and special occasions (no fruit cake post for Christmas, totally un-seasonal, random Kichadi instead – Yikes!), I haven’t hosted a single event/giveaway and I am terrible at networking. Not the makings of a successful blogger. But hey, I’ve really enjoyed this blogging thing and it has become my most favourite obsession. 2014 is going to be a lot better (hopefully, I don’t want to tempt fate) and that’s an open promise to all my readers. Here are my resolutions for 2014 on the blogging front and otherwise. 1.      Wake up early. This has been on my list every year. I remember my dad’s words right from my school days. “Seekaram Ezhundha thaan uzhupaduve”. Translated a little decently it means “If only you’d wake up a little early, you could become great”. If not great, I’ll at-least not be late. I am now late for Hasini’s school too and I don’t want to perpetuate my late-comer syndrome on my kids as well. And I’d be able to cook so much more.2.     Blog more often. The keywords are “more often”. I don’t want to break my resolution the very first month. Ok, so let’s say 3 days a week, minimum. Readers, this is where you come in. Your comments, ideas for posts, recipe requests or even requests/ideas for posts on general topics will keep me on my feet. No requests to stop or decrease blog posts will be entertained though. 3.   Exercise every day. Must be on everybody’s list. I am slowly becoming the typical fat Indian mom. I am already one. What’s alarming is I am settling into it. Plus I work at a computer all day. You know the typical IT employee’s figure – normal up till the waist and then balloons out like.. well, a balloon. The new Levis shapes, lifts and lengthens. Can it compress? I bet even Levis can’t make jeans for the Deksa-hipped moms (Deksa or Degchi is a traditional narrow necked, wide bottomed cookware). 30 minute walk every day, light dinner and no wolfing down leftover cakes and sweets. 4.      I am going to plan everything. Planning has never been my strong point but 2014...
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