Shakshuka – The Muttai thokku of foreign origin

Hasini and Yuvi cracked up when they heard it’s called Shakshuka. They made up their own words out of it – “sokka pota suka”, “shoppu shappu”.. If you’ve never heard of Shakshuka, let me explain. Shakshuka is the mottai thokku of foreign origin. The muttai thokku (poached egg curry) that we make when we’re in a hurry, when we’re not in the mood to cut vegetables, when we’re craving a meaty dish but have nothing on hand and settle for an egg dish. Our humble muttai thokku is the sexy shakshuka of the western world. Like Haldi Doodh and Turmeric latte, Dal and lentil soup, kurma and curry, lassi and smoothie. Hasini loved the Shakshuka more than anyone else. Towards the end, I sprinkled some grated cheese over the eggs, covered the pan for a couple of minutes and let the cheese melt. We toasted some buttered bread slices and mopped up the Shakshuka with them. It made a delicious and filling breakfast. It’s also a great recipe to make for your next brunch.

Poached Egg Korma

Poached Egg Korma Poached Egg Korma Every family has its Sunday morning ritual. At my mom’s place, it was more of a Sunday afternoon ritual for me and my sister as we rarely ever managed to wake up in the am. We always had rice, paruppu (dal), rasam and fried eggs. This has been my dad’s Sunday brunch for as long as I can remember and we just followed suit. In my husband’s place, it is dosai and poached egg korma. There is something very comforting about these familiar rituals. This is especially true when I am away from home. I start craving the familiarity, the usual tedium. Go on any holiday and I’d start missing our giant-size triple bed (a double bed plus a single bed to accommodate the 4 of us), the bathroom bucket (I am not a shower person/tub person, I am a native Indian (Tamil) and I want my bucket and mug – what is it with five star hotels and buckets?), my cupboard (however messy it is) and idli/dosai!! At home it is unimaginable that I can miss idli/dosai, after all this is what we have every day. Even Murugan idli kadai may be closed on some days but not our idli kadai at home. It functions 24/7 365 days. Once our wet grinder broke down and we thought we may have to go through a day without idli but then we borrowed our neighbour’s grinder to make the idli batter and saved the day. How about that?   So this here is our Sunday morning ritual, Dosai and Poached egg korma. The korma is fresh, simple and beautifully balanced and makes for a hearty breakfast with idli, dosai or chappathi. What’s your Sunday morning ritual? Preparation time: 10 minsCooking time:20 minsServes: 5 Ingredients Eggs – 5Coconut milk extracted from 1 coconutOnions – 2 finely choppedTomatoes – 2 finely choppedFennel seeds – 1 tspCinnamon – 1 inch stickChilli – 1 slit lengthwiseCurry leaves – 1 stemChilli Powder – 3 tbspTurmeric – ½ tspOil – 2 tspSalt to tasteCoriander leaves – handful, chopped for garnishing Method 1.      Heat oil in a kadai and when hot add fennel seeds followed by the cinnamon stick. Add chopped onions and fry till translucent. Add chopped tomatoes and sauté for 2-3 minutes. 2.      When the tomatoes are cooked through, add chilli powder, turmeric powder and half a cup of water...
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