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Last year, after considering Scotland, Switzerland, Dubai, Bali, Sri Lanka and Shimla in that order, we zeroed in on Coonoor for a family trip. We were travelling with my best friend Menaka and her family. For the activities that the men had in mind for the trip, we decided that the setting would make no difference. We might as well save on costs. We were looking for an itinerary-less trip too – a trip that wouldn’t need us to move our butts from point A to point B, unless point B was the restaurant. I wasn’t looking to shop even. Aah, the pleasures of a zero activity vacation! If you’re considering such a vacation this summer, look no further.   Kurumba village in Coonoor fit the bill perfectly. There was nothing very remarkable around there that we were under pressure to tick off our list. The Kurumba resort is nestled in the foothills of Ooty which saves you a steep mountain ride as well. So win-win-win. Coonoor was roughly a 10-hour drive from Chennai including breaks. We started at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am. We always do on our road trips in order to put maximum distance behind us. We reached Coonoor around 2 pm, just in time for lunch. The restaurant has the most spectacular views of the mountains rising just across from where we’re seated. There is a faint drizzle and it is pleasantly chill. There was a huge array of dishes for lunch and everything was delicious. It was all so near perfect, there was little else you could ask for. And then somebody ordered beer. Kurumba resort is set in the most picturesque location, the rooms are located on winding paths that lead down the hill right down to a little waterfall that thunders right outside the rooms. This waterfall happened to be right outside our rooms. It was a short climb down from the balcony and up the boulders to the waterfall. We picked our way to the bottom of the waterfall and took turns to sit under the waterfall. Whoa! Icy chill sheets of water pounded our backs. Nothing prepared us for the onslaught. We looked at each other, laughed and shivered together. We couldn’t talk above the sound of the water. Playing in the waterfall made us hungry. So we dried ourselves, dressed and climbed up the hill to the restaurant. Swimming...
Taj Bekal

Travel guide to Bekal

Bekal is a small coastal town in northern kerala just off Mangalore. The Bekal fort is best recognized as the fort where Arvind Swamy in that iconic white and blue T-shirt sings “Uyire” against the backdrop of crashing waves and it is all you can do to not run to the screen and hug and pacify him. It is still about Bekal that we’re talking about. We travelled to Bekal earlier this year after our customary visit to Mookambika temple. It is just off the border of Mangalore, about 4 hours from Kollur, Karnataka. It was late March and it was hot. We stayed at Taj Bekal which sits just off the beach and on the sides of a lovely stretch of backwaters. This place was so charming, so tastefully done, there was little reason to venture anywhere else. We stayed busy the whole time. We ate, sat, gazed, ate, laid down, sat, watched, fell asleep, ate, sat, watched … all day. We did this out on the grass by the backwater, on the swing bed in the patio, in the pool and on the beach. The green all around soothed my eyes. I couldn’t have enough of the coconut trees, the gentle flow of the backwater, the silence interrupted only by birds and my kids. I sat there drinking in the quiet relishing the delicious prospect of doing nothing the rest of the day. I wanted to hold on to it, take it back with me. The property has lovely touches of kerala all over the place. Kerala houseboats are called Kettuvallams. These Kettuvallam style bamboo awnings adorn every entrance, veranda and roof. Little statues of elephants with the most adorable little umbrella stand guard in front of every room bearing the room number. Striking Pillayar (Vinayagar/Ganesh) sculptures greet you at every turn. People were canoeing in the backwaters, getting Ayurvedic spa treatments, making friends with other guests, dressing up for meals and broadcasting real-time to their social circles. I slept. You can try your archery skills, play cricket or stand in the pool and order cappuccino. Women had shopped specifically for this holiday. They wore tie-around the neck swimsuits, one side sleeved swimsuits and sunglasses and walked into the pool to stand and chat. They ordered cappuccino and fries. I was wearing Saroja Devi’s swimsuit with the frills at the thigh. I took in a long deep breath,...

Checking in

It’s been a long long time since I wrote but I’ve been worrying all along that I am not writing. I don’t do and I worry that I don’t do. I don’t exercise for a week and I feel lousy all week that I am not exercising. Somehow it is easier to continue to feel lousy about something, than to do it. I’ve made my laziest meals the past few months upcycling old chappathis into kothu chappathis, making back-to-back idli-dosai-dosai meals, skipping chutney and dishing out milagai podi every possible instance (so much so that my milagai podi is nearly over and I need to make it again), making maggi a regular weekday dinner, running through eggs and bread and letting the veggies get old. I’ve not cooked a meal worthy of being blogged about. I’ve been engulfed in work. View this post on Instagram When I am anxious, overwhelmed, time pressed and going mad, I go out and stock up on Maggi. For backup. For comfort. For solace. #maggi #foodbetterbegood #food #foodtalkindia #noodles #instant #instantfood #foodie #comfortfood #foodblogger #comfort #chennai A post shared by jayanthi (@jayanthi.padmanabhan) on Mar 17, 2018 at 3:42am PDT In between I managed to go on a family vacation-cum-pilgrimage to Mookambika, Kollur and Bekal (travel post coming soon). View this post on Instagram Exclusive action shots from my vacation at Bekal, Kerala. People around me were canoeing in the backwaters, swimming, cycling, making sand castles on the beach, dressing up for meal times, making friends with other guests.. I was doing this. 😴😴😴 #vacation #bekal #hotel #kerala #holiday #sleeping #indiatravel #trip #instatravel #familytrip #southindia #foodbetterbegood A post shared by jayanthi (@jayanthi.padmanabhan) on Apr 18, 2018 at 12:40pm PDT On vacations I like to take my planner and make bucket lists. I saw the bucket list that I’d made on last year’s vacation. I wanted to learn swimming Lose 18 kilos with an additional if-clause item that IF I lose that weight I get to buy new clothes Blog 5 times a week and Reach a 100000 followers. I had 1340 followers then. View this post on Instagram 2018 Planner, Tabbed sticky notes and Norpro classic popsicle mould brought with love from USA by my dear friend lakshmi. These are exactly what i want. How can a friend know so well? She won't. That is why I get her mailing address as soon as she reaches...

Travel Post – Vintage charm at Chidambaram and Tranquebar

I enjoy reminding Yuvan that school starts in just a few weeks, just about a week now. And that I am really excited that he will be starting full working days. It irritates him no end. He’d charge at me. Now he pretends he hasn’t heard. Although the beginning of the school year brings joy and an overwhelming respect for school teachers, I am also worried I may break the school’s record for late-coming, that Hasini may turn me in and the principal may punish me, make me stand in the verandah/on the bench,  for being the most incorrigible parent. I am too ingrained in the summer holiday routine now. We haven’t started on any of the holiday assignments. They whiled away the summer holidays, colouring, watching cartoons, playing at the beach, in the swimming pool, decoding everyone’s mobile pins and using up their data plans, hijacking the ice-cream vandi and not letting the lady move until somebody bought them ice-creams. I whiled away the holidays contented not to have to sit through homework time. We happened to go on a small vacation at the beginning of the holidays in April. We were going to a dear friend’s wedding in Chidambaram and we decided to turn it into a mini vacation. I’ve been waiting ever since to share some of that experience here with you guys. This is a photo-heavy post. Please be warned. I don’t know if you know that I am mad about antique stuff. Antique rosewood tables, grandpa clocks and typewriters make me weak in the knees. Dressers and Almirahs make me dizzy. Brass vessels, high ceilings and cane armchairs make me babble in joy. This particular vacation had most of these elements, which is why I thought I had to share. There is a small heritage bungalow just off Chidambaram called “Lakshmi Vilas Heritage hotel” that must have been some zamindar’s place long time ago. It has been beautifully converted into a heritage hotel complete with “Ammi kallu” (traditional grinding machine of Tamil Nadu) and Ural and Ulakku lining the corridors, the reception desk at the entrance set beside a large spacious thinnai, a wooden swing at the far end and a couple of employees stretched out beside it. The staff were all one family, really. The receptionist was a petite girl in her early twenties from the same locality. The security cum general helpers were...
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